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Should I Take HOT-ROX?


I've lost about 55 pounds in 7 months. I have approximately 35 pounds to lose, based on my current body fat (taken by neck and waist measurements) and where I want to be. I have a bottle of HOT-ROX I never began taking. I thought about starting it to speed up the process some.

However, my original thought was to save it for my last 10, 15 pounds because I've heard that your body can get used to them and I didn't want to take it and lose a lot of 'easy' weight and then get stuck with those last few trouble pounds and not be able to take advantage of the supplement.

Is 35 pounds low enough that I shouldn't have to worry about my body adapting, or should I wait til I get lower?


The only way your body will adapt to the HOT-ROX is if you actually take the HOT-ROX. From what most poster have said here, their bodies don't seem to adapt to HRX's thermogenic properties. Either way, HRX will help you at any stage of fat loss.


You kind of lost me here. You determined your body fat based upon your neck and waist measurements?

Anyway, if you're continuing to lose weight at a rate of 1 pound a week or more, I wouldn't change a thing. The same thing can be said for just about any of your goals. If I'm adding 20 pounds to my squat every month over the past 7 months, I'm not changing a damn thing until my progress begins to slow down.


good on you for the loss you've gotten so far.......

Like another poster said......if you're still losing keep up with whatever it is you are doing...then when you stall out......go for the HOT-ROX


If you can afford it, give it a try and see if it makes a difference. I like HRX independent of any thermogenic effects, because it gives me extra energy for my workouts.


neck and waist measurements, are you in the army? Man, that's an awful way to judge, I could probably take an educated guess and pinpoint it more closely than that method.

It would be a good idea to cycle HOT-ROX. Anywhere from 8-12 wks worth of use would probably be ok for most people (if you can stand it). I know HOT-ROX messes with my stomach too much