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Should I Take Creatine Or No?


I'm 5'10", 125 Lbs. Time to put on some mass...can I take creatine and should I? And If so how much for my body weight? Or does weight not really matter?


You can, but it's your decision. Creatine has its benefits, especially if you haven't tried it yet. I say go for it. There are a lot of good brands that are fairly inexpensive. Just stick with the monohydrate powder.


I would say: go ahead, take it. Just remember, creatine alone is not going to get you bigger. It is the combination that makes the lock work. It is going to take eating big, lifting big WITH CORRECT FORM! [heavy weight on compound exercises such as squats, dead lifts, barbell bent over rows (in your case I might suggest cable rows), chin ups & pull ups (which can be preformed on a lat pulldown machine if needed), bench press, and weighted dips], resting big, and stretching moderately.

Good luck on your trek to become bigger,

P.S. If you have any more questions feel free to ask here.


You weigh 125 pounds. Creatine may give you 5 pounds, 10 at the utmost. Your real question should be: should I take food? Only hard, sensible training plus lots of eating will give you any permanent mass gain.


Get your diet n line. Protein carbs and fats. Supplement for extra needed protein with Grow! and Surge PWO. THEN yes creatine is a great choice CHEAP and effective but you must have nutrition and training inline before anything will work.

Oh and get the CHEAP monohydrate like was stated above.


Um... No? (jokeing)


Best quote ever.

Seriously... Creatine wont do 1 percent of what a huge amount of food will do for you. Hell, at 5'10" and 125 pounds (How... I was a concentration camp-skinny at 155) you won't even need to be eating THAT that. Shoot for 3000 calories a day, spread out over 5 meals and then come back to us in 3 months.


I agree with the other posters, gradually up what you're eating and also add creatine. Inexpensive monohydrate powder is still the best choice for cost/benefit as well.

Be aware that there are some non-responders out there, though. Give it about a 500gram bottle before you make a verdict.

Oh, and 3g/day would be about right for your size.



All of you saying I need to get my diet and training in order, stop saying that. I just went through a growth spurt and I played alot of sports since I started working out 4 years ago...I'm 15 and I am stronger than 99% percent of the kids in my age.

I know how to eat and how to train, and I am willing to bet that I know a SH*T load more about both subjects than most of you. I eat about 3000 a day right now and have been adding more over the past 2 weeks so I can start bulking with 4000 a day, which would give me about a 4000 calorie surplus over the week. So stop making judgements before you get proof.

Thanks to whoever gave a solid answer, and I'll try the 3g/day.


Alright, we have a winner....MUSCLETEEN OF THE MONTH?

I vote yea.


Typical teenager asking for advice but has pre-determined what he wants to hear.

If you know so much more than me, why do you weigh 125? 'Creatine' didn't get me to 225. Food did. That's 100 pounds more than you, dumbass.


Either way, no one should have told this kid to focus on creatine. That is the WORST thing he could do before he even understands how to make his body grow through food and heavy lifting. I don't even take creatine regularly. I haven't taken it in possibly over a year or two. It is mostly because my progress isn't based on it. No one that small should begin thinking their progress hinges on their supplement intake.


No offense kid, but if you just went through a growth spurt shouldn't you have, oh I don't know, gotten bigger?. Jeez, 5'10" 125lbs and 12% bodyfat puts you at 110 lean weight. My little sister, who's 5'6" and probably around 10-12% bodyfat weighs 125.

I'm not doubting your knowledge or eating habits, but just for kicks, where do your 4000 kCals a day come from? What kinds of foods are you eating? What kind of training split are you doing? You claim to know more than most the people on the site, why not prove it to us.


p.s. just a little tip, in the future when you're asking people for help or advice, don't tell them you're smarter than them. It puts them off.


I'm insulted. I'm a teenager, and not even I was that obnoxious when I was a noob. It's funny to look back, now that I'm eating and gaining and loving it, and recognize where I was a year ago. Trust me, you'll like gaining size.

I know it seems like abs are the shit, but they aren't going to disappear instantly. You'll get bigger arms and a bigger chest and a bigger back, and still maintain some abs.


I hate to be blunt, but, in my life experience, it is the people who say they know everything that do not know anything.

That kind of attitude will get you no where fast,

P.S. Why are you asking questions if you know more than us?


No one really knows 100 % about nutrition.You'll always learn something new.Just have an open mind,learn as much as you can,and don't believe everything you read.


I second this as MUSCLETEEN OF THE WEEK.

ya got my vote.


I am still learning how to train and how to eat for my particular genetics in terms of my overall goals. It helps to listen to people who achieved more than you in the way of your goals. There is no way, at 125lbs, you understand shit. You don't know a damn thing. If you did know, you wouldn't be asking about creatine bfeore you even put any basic size on you. I have dated FINE women who weigh as much, if not more, as you do. I personally would shut the fuck up if I weighed as much as a woman...but that's just me.


creatine is safe to take...hell you could eat an entire bucket of it and the worst that would happen is you'd probably just shit your pants...

my personal opinion of creatine is that every dollar that is spent on it can be spent on something much better like food or Grow!...

I'd rather have one big steak dinner than an entire years supply of creatine...

good luck!


I tink its funny that some people ignore the question in hand completely and say "get your diet in order etc etc etc" where is the actual proof that he hasn't got his diet in order?! because hes small? you don't grow overnight you know. or do people forget that once they get a bit bigger?! you were small once too right...