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Should I Take CLA?


given my medical history ( ex stroke+ bipolar mania); should i ask my doctor to prescribe me lenoleic acid supplement to aid in fat loss?? if yes, then how much?


It's unnecessary for now until your nutrition and training are dialed in.


right, thanks bro!


Dude ... You're seriously majoring in the minors

300 workouts everyday, CLA sups ..... Lift some damn weight and eat some food .....

You aren't THAT fat .... Get your muscle back, then do a sensible cut

Tough love, but I think you're destined for failure if you keep up this " oh look, something shiny" mindset

Was that actually YOU in that picture? Because you are seriously off track .....

There is no 90 day quick fix - stop kidding yourself .... Put the time in, and do what works

As I said before, it didn't take you a month to reach your current condition .... It's not gonna be fixed in a month, and there is no magic bullet outside PED's

Wrap your head around it, accept it, and get to work

Please don't post anymore bullshit until you've got 2 months of solid lifting and eating under your belt.....


velvet ;this was all posted before our "talk"
i have made a post about carb cycling;if you could see it though.......