Should I Take Aromasin on my First Cycle?

My first cycle, I am currently using 500mg of test per week and I am on week 2 1/2. My buddy got me Aromasin. I took 12.5 mg, 1/2 ml. Is this neccesary to be taking this. I will be running it every other day and the test 250mg every 3 days. Are there side effects and will taking this be beneficial to me.

What should I expect also after i am complete with this cycle and how should i look after 14 weeks with PCT on week 16 and 17. I am very new to this and I wasnt sure who to ask. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

At your dose you could probably get away without the aromasin but it’s hard to say for sure. Everyone is different and there are a number of factors that go into how well your body converts testosterone into estrogen. The more body fat you have the better your body is at converting test into estrogen.

What you can do and should have done already is look up the signs of high estrogen in men that way you can at least some what self monitor. You should also look up signs of low estrogen so you know if you take too much aromasin.

I think your dose seems a little high for a starting point. I would just take the 12.5 mgs on the days you pin the test. Do this for two weeks and see if you show signs of high or low estrogen, adjust accordingly if necessary.

As far as what you will look like at the end, that is all up to you. Steroids are not magic. All they do is help us get our results a little quicker via quicker recovery times after your workouts. That allows us to do more than we would if in a natural state.

I feel like you started this cycle before doing proper homework, how old are you? Do you have your PCT lined out. PCT is MORE important than the cycle because all the results in the world on cycle don’t mean a thing if you loose them and more because you didn’t PCT properly.

I am 31 years old, I go to the gym everyday, and i have an experienced user guiding me, and getting me all the stuff I need to make this work correctly. Im not sure what I should use for PCT though, he siad when i get close to that time he would help me out. I also have two follow up doctor appointments. One is a week after my last pin and the second one is two weeks out. So I believe my doctor could help me with PCT? I have dione my homework, so I guess what Im looking for is any information I could have missed or misread.

You are recreationally using Testosterone and you think your PCP with prescribe PCT drugs for you. Are you smoking dope to?

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I asked for advice not some dumb remarks. That is not helpful. And my doctor is pretty good about giving me what i need.

so your friend gave you aromasin & just randomly started it & now you’re asking why you’re even taking it & what the risks are? haha mannn where is your order in life?
do you go to the car dealership, buy & start paying for the car, then after a month ask the dealer is this the right car for you?

if you had done your homework you’d find the PCT, hell even on this forum you would have found your answer, considering a Test cycle is the most straight forward, so is the PCT, your buddy might be well informed (apparently) but he’s basically sent you camping without any equipment & said DW when a bear attacks just fight him off till I show up with the necessary tools haha I’m loving this.
Long story short, you should have PCT in your hand before you start, you should research what you’re putting inside you before you do it. I don’t want to give you any actual answers because I feel like if now for the first time ever you actually did some research you’d learn alot about your cycle.
Goodluck bro


Don’t do ‘dumb’ things and you won’t get ‘dumb’ remarks. Starting a cycle without having your PCT planned and in hand is well… dumb. Sorry. Get yourself some Nolvadex and don’t wait until you NEED it.


I’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject and so far it has lead me to absolutely not use an AI unless you are sure your estrogen is sky rocketing (showing in your blood results) and you are feeling some weird ass shit.

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