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Should I Take Aromasin Before My Meet?

Hey guys.

I have a powerlifting competition on Saturday. I lifted yesterday and the day before and things were fine in the gym.

The thing is, mentally I feel lethargic. This is my 16th week of test and Ive barely touched my aromasin. I haven’t taken any in at least two weeks. I feel like maybe this is an e2 side.

Would it make sense to take a little Aromasin tonight or tomorrow? I’m talking 6.25mg max. I do believe it helped my mental energy the couple of weeks I did use it, but Idk if it harmed my strength. I did notice unusual joint soreness at the time, even at that low dose taken EOD. 6.25mg E3D was better. 1.25mg E3D also seemed to have an effect.

That’s my major concern, is if the AI harm my strength a bit on meet day.

That sounds like a brilliant idea.

I know nothing about powerlifting other than you can be fat as hell and no one cares. Hi E2 will really help your joints and any sides like water weight gain, acne, crying over stupid stuff means nothing to you guys. My vote as someone who runs TRT year round, blast twice a year and does not take an AI when blasting says keep your AI in your stash. Don’t take it.

When I blast I love the protection I get from over the top E2. YES my dick quite working and I cry alot and I hold 10# of water but fuckit my joints survive some serious abuse as I double my progressive overload numbers when blasting. Good luck man stop freaking yourself out with silly mind games.


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What is your current powerlifting stack?

Test 700mg wk, mast 300mg wk (only for the last 4 weeks or so), anavar 30mg day (only the last 3 wks). When I started my cycle I didnt know I would do a competition. So when I registered I bumped up my test from 600 to 700 and added the other compounds hoping for a little extra edge.

Its my first cycle, so I know my thoughts on estrogen control don’t have much basis. Thats why i appreciate your response. Btw, my dick works fine, just for the record lol

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Aware me on the masteron for the prep cycle?

Its not for any particular reason other than to increase my total dosage via a compound w a mild side effect profile, since I didnt really know how to react to anything. I havent gotten any sides other than this mental fog, but that started happenening early on in the cycle from just test. Next time around Im prepared to add something stronger.

I have a meet in feb. At the moment I am just taking test. 6 weeks out I will add in halotestin.

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Let us know how that halo goes I’m interested to see your thoughts.

Same man. I hear such good things about it. Looking forward to trying it.

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I’m interested in Halo as well, but I don’t know if it will fit into my next cycle. I would like to try a stronger oral like DBol or Anadrol for my next meet, and I doubt stacking halo w/ them would be a fun time lol.

I guess that’s been the major downside for me with gear. I got good results in the gym, and minimal sides on my body, but I don’t “feel” all that great mentally or even physically in proportion to how my strength and physique has improved.

One of my sources is actually sending me over some dbol and anavar. But I’m not sure I going to use dbol as I have a weight class to make.

You could always move up lol. Btw, any thoughts on the AI?

Ditch the AI.

If you crash your estrogen before the meet your joints are gonna be sore as hell and that is not great when your maxing out meet day.

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I’ll go one step farther. Crash your E2 and go to a meet and it could be your last. You just might injure yourself so bad you won’t recover. So glad to hear your dick still works if it quits on you don’t worry about it when you get your E2 back in check everything starts working again.

Yup. I have tried to max out before when my joints were fucked and let’s just say it was not a smart thing to do. If your joints are not ready, you ain’t gonna be able to truly max.

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