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Should I take an AI with SARMS?

Whats up guys,

23 years old
11.7% BF

I’ve switched from keto around 5 weeks ago, and I have been carb cycling since:

m/t/w low days: 190p, 125c, 160f
Th is moderate: 190p, 180c, 160f
wed/fri are high: 190p, 250c, 104f

Ive been cutting for around 11 weeks now, had great results with fat loss, but ive had significant strength and mass losses. I want to keep what gains I have left (and potentially get some more gains) while continuing to get to my goal of sub 10% BF

Now before everyone tells me how dumb SARMS are, and that I might as well just use an AAS instead

I did some Test and winstrol In high school for football(about 4 years ago, was younger and stupider), and got a tiny bit of gyno. Nothing noticeable, but the last thing id want is for that to get worse. Which is why im looking more at SARMS instead of AAS because SARMS supposedly do not aromatize or get converted into DHT.

Even though this is the case, I was still wondering if I should take an AI with it?I just want to be extra careful about avoiding any potential estrogen issues. I have heard mixed reviews about this online so I wanted to give specific details on the forum and see what your guys take is. my plan is to go on an 8-12 week cycle of Rav140 and maybe sprinkle in a little bit of clen in as well.

TDLR: What do you guys think of my situation? should I use an AI with Rav140 just to be safe? even with an AI is there still a good chance I get gyno?

Side note- since its beach season already at my college, would love to get as fit as possible in the quickest time possible. Thats why im rushing to take an enhancer instead of trying to reach my goals natural.

sorry for the long post,

thanks guys, Id really appreciate any response.

no. i’m in college as well and have experimented with sarms. haven’t taken rad140, but have taken ostarine s4 and lgd. adding an AI with a sarms is a horrible idea. it doesn’t convert to estrogen, but estrogen can still rise in the body due to rising “testosterone” levels caused by the sarms binding. look into arimistane. that’s what i took on lgd and it helped with sensitive nipples. it’s like a baby version of arimidex, which is matching considering i consider sarms a baby version of steroids. it won’t crash your estrogen NEARLY as fast which is what would happen with a normal AI. WAIT until you get sensitive nipples and take a pill a day until they are gone (probably about 3-4 days). shit, you might not even have to take it, sarms are pretty mild compared to steroids, although research suggests rad140 is VERY suppressive.

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This simply isn’t true

Also not true


Currently zero human clinical trials on RAD 140, anything we have to go on about this particular drug is either in vitro or animal models

I’d give a more detailed explanation but I’m sick and just got back from gym and thus currently feel dead, therefore I’m going to sleep asap lol.



care to elaborate more my man?

on what?

Arimistane is (structurally) a suicidal aromatase inhibitor… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1,4,6-Androstatriene-3,17-dione (I believe this is what is marketed as arimistane these days, correct me if I’m wrong), I’ve seen it in local supp shops.

Clinical trials show that in relatively low doses (say 1-3mg of ostarine or LDG) lipids are trashed, suppression of natural testosterone and dose dependent shut-down occurs, SHBG is reduced dramatically. The atherogenic potential of SARMS appear to be equal to or greater than AAS, shut down also appears to be similar. Anecdotal reports appear to demonstrate sarms causing high blood pressure, other sides associated with AAS.

SARMS bind to androgen receptors, aside from the AR binding and thus hypertrophic response, SARMS do not have any affinity to the ER, thus aromatisation is not on the table.

Use them, sure… but they seem to contain the same risks as AAS, and various sarms (S4) appear to interfere with and potentially damage the optic nerve. Only benefit I see from sarms is there POTENTIAL selectivity to AR binding, if it doesn’t bind to AR in cardiac myocytes then yeet, low risk for cardiomyopathy floooooop yeeeeet.

Unfortunately it’s currently unknown. Neither are the neurotransmitter related effects of SARMS.

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I would suggest use good old testesterone which has been used for over 60 years and all sides are perfectly known

Thanks for all the info. My only concern is not exasterbating my gyno. Is this a good option? should I take an AI? and if so which AI do you recommend my man?