Should I Take a Week Off

I am nearing the end of the 4th week of CT’s HSS-100 program in the high volume phase. For those of you that donh’t know this phase, it consists of a heavy lift, 5 sets 8-10 reps, tripleset 2 of them for 10,8,12, then a special lift for 3 sets of 12, then 100 reps to end it off with.

I took almost a week off just 4 weeks ago once finishing the intensification phase just because of wisdom teeth removal, but today after chest day, I gota say my power output felt pretty darn worn down. I’m wondering if It’d be best to take a week off of just stretching and some HIIT before starting back up on the final 4 weeks which includes the same HSS-100 format but with reps of 3-7 max. As well, I believe CT recommended a week off after every 4 week phase, correct me if I’m wrong.


I would.

You will get a lot of mixed responses and replies to this topic.

Do what you think will most benefit you in training.

I’m pretty sure it was after every two pahses (intensification and accumulation) but that doesn’t matter.

If you can’t give it your all in the gym, rest until you can. Simple as that.

I’m on an off week right now. It sucks lol, I hate breaking my routine of training.

Though I have used the week to try some maxes.