Should I Take a Week Off?

Some of the guys I train with are telling me I need to take a week or two off from training but I don’t understand why. I have only been back to lifting for about 3 and half months. I have been and still am currently breaking PRs every week it seems like. All my lifts are steadily growing and my diet is in check. I am only training 2-3 days aweek and events training every other week on Saturday. Should I take a break since I am still making PRs and am injury free… or do I need to take a week since its been a few months of hard training. I really hate not training a being out of training makes my weeks extremely boring. Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.

Squat from 275-365
Deadlift from 340-445
Over Head Jerk from 185 for 2 to 250 for 4.
168lbs very lean to 200lbs bulk.

These are a few of the gains I have made just for visual.

Have you been deloading?

No not really honestly has been pretty much balls to wall following a westside/Strongman modified program. Pretty much monday- press Me and Triceps strength. Tuesday- Squat Me and posterior chain. Wednesday Upper back and biceps not to heavy stay around 8-12 reps for sets. Every other Saturday events for Strongman.

Read this…

I would never just take a week completely off, you should still do something active.

My dad was a sailor and he used to always say, “when you see a squall coming, by the time you think its time to reef the sails, its usually too late, the storms on top of you.” I think this applies to deloads. Sometimes if you wait till you feel like you really need it, its too late, and you are already injured. Balls to the wall for 3 and 1/2 months is a pretty good stretch, and you might benefit from a week of active recovery. It will probably also make you stronger and more motivated after the week is over.

I agree whole-hardidly with tip # 1 in this article:

[quote]Eazy wrote:
Read this…

I would never just take a week completely off, you should still do something active.[/quote]

Have to agree with this. The article was really good, and you should never take a week off from everything.

“Deload” weeks are a great time to work on mobility and some assistance work without doing lifts that are stressful.

I agree with the others. Our egos sometimes fight deloads, but you have too look long range.

Why not just do most of the same shit you usually do, but much lighter? And mobility stuff etc. like everyone else said

Deload briefly or an injury will enforce a lengthy deload…

you can try to add dynamic effort days into you work outs where you use sub-maximal weight to build speed-strength. because then you wont be training everyday balls to the wall IM expression

Thanks guys I researched and found article written by Jim wendler on the subject and I like it alot. I tried to post it but can’t get it to link for some reason off my phone. But basically for a week I am going to drop all ME work and substitute 50% DE work and light high Rep RE work. Thanks for all the advice and help.

Sounds like a solid plan… Make sure to eat & sleep plenty too!