Should I Take a Deload? I'm Confused

6’3’', 155.5, 2600-2900 cals, previous program was greyskull, currently started gzclp this week. lifting stats: 190 bench, ohp 115 squat 175, deads 170. i could of had more on both squat and deads but my technique was horrible and had to deload a bunch. currently im bulking, BUT i have been losing track of my cals and lost like 5 pounds. i have a lot of stress, i have low test (total test of 220 while free at 180-190 last lab test), I do have medical reason on why i have the low test. i sleep 6-7 hours not deeply. i do cardio 1-3 days a week. i walk a little during the day but other than that im sedentary.

symptoms: lethargy, completely unmotivated no energy, brain fogue, dont want to hit the gym (lol i dont want to do anything actually), gain strength but slowly or lose it fast.

all of the symptoms are from low test too so im insecure if i should deload (taking into account that i might lose a bit more strength than usual) or just keep grinding?

i have been lifting on greyskull heavy with a bunch of deloads for 10-12 months now.

any additional info let me know.

i forgot to mentioned that i started gzclp this week went monday and did the workout light since it calls for 85% of the weight used during previous program, did cardio on tues, did the next workout on wed with the reduced weight and thursday did nothing, friday (today) just incline walk because i couldnt hit the gym i was feeling so lethargic and unmotivated that i said i wanted to walk to release stress.

Didn’t you have this same post in the BSL forum about a week ago?

no sir

Uhh, this is not how healthy people feel. You don’t need to take a deload, you need to take a trip to your GP, get bloods, and see if you need a referral to an endo.

Agree with the above poster that your problems go deeper than needing a “deload” week. Why are you so stressed? Your symptoms sound like they belong to someone who is obese, inactive, and generally of poor health. I would re-evaluate your entire approach to fitness and nutrition, and why you are choosing to train in the first place.

Ditch the cardio and eat more.

hey man i do have several blood test and other stuff done. i just was unsure if i needed a deload due to symptoms?

hey man hehe i use the gym to relieve stress. i guess i dont need a deload?

fo sure! but is deload needed with symptoms? i have been training for more than a year too

No man, you need test levels above 220. Yes, not going to the gym might leave you with more energy left over, but you’re not describing symptoms of overtraining or anything that would require a deload, you’re describing symptoms of really fuckin low t (and depression), which will not only prevent you from making gains, but leads to all sorts of horrible problems, including highly increased rates of suicide. Are you on anti-psychotics or anti-anxiety medication? You don’t have to tell us anything but you can’t go on like this, you have to get some semblance of a normal hormonal profile. If you describe what ‘medical condition’ is causing you to have permanently low T, there are several quite knowledgeable people on the site - endocrinologists included - who might be able to point you in a direction that includes you taking care of your medical issues AND having testosterone levels that don’t make you want to hibernate.

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Could be Low T as flappinit might be hinting at, but I don’t think you should be hopping on any TRT at your level. You’re best off dialing in diet and rest, and I don’t think you’re working your body hard enough to warrant a deload.

If you want, take a few days off and see how you feel though.

“According to Quest Diagnostics, the normal range of total testosterone levels is 250 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter, or ng/dL, in men age 18 to 69 and 90 to 890 ng/dL in men 70 to 89.”

Meaning his test is outside the low range of 69 year olds, which includes patients that have low T and other disorders. He’s actually on the low end of 70 and 80 year olds. Low T is linked to a whole host of problems. There are other protocols besides TRT - HCG, SERMs, etc. I’m really not one to suggest people just hop on TRT or any kind of protocol, but given the info he posted there’s a blaringly obvious culprit here, ya know?

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thanks a lot for the info guys. i will keep training and up calories and sleep more.

I hope you’ll swing over to the T replacement forum and read the stickies. I respect your privacy and if you don’t want to divulge your medical history on here, you certainly don’t have to. But besides the symptoms that you listed, severely low T has far more sinister implications down the road. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you’ll stick around and make a training log. You really would be amazed at the amount of experience, knowledge, and strength that exists here.

The range for test is also huge. Keep in mind that TRT is a big time and money investment too, and from what I know, a lifetime commitment.

I personally wouldn’t recommend unless you’ve established other good habits to optimize your investments. But this is all only my perspective. I’m biased because I’m a USAPL natty elitist