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Should I switch?

About 4 months ago I started to get really pissed off with myself. I was a fat bastard 5’7.5" (at this height every half inch counts) 205 lbs 25% body fat. Yep - as sad as it sounds.

I was a really active person (lifted, played all kinds of sports etc) but don’t know what happened, just woke up one day and a fat bastard was staring at me in the mirror. I stewed, got mad, really pissed off with myself and a buddy of mine told me to check out T-Nation. I did - one of the first articles I read was “Set Yourself on Fire”, that about did it.

Cleaned up my diet, started training hard. Dropped 10% body fat and am sitting at 15% right now. Now I set my goal to drop to 10%. I figure another month and I should be close. I can almost taste it right now but holy crap its getting boring. I have been on the same basic program of training and am starting to really get interested in some of the workouts that have been popping up, mainly the whole body routines three days a week. I have been using a 2 day split so I train 4 days a week. Cardio 4 days a week.

I guess the advice I am seeking is would it be wise to switch a training program when I am so close to my end goal? Will dropping to only 3 days a week training result in a slow down in my progress?

I want to be a skinny strong bastard so I can beat ZEB in chinups lol :wink:

First, great job so far.

As far as switching programs, I think it’s a matter of how bored you really are. If you think that you might get so bored that you become less motivated, to the point where you start missing workouts, your progress might slow down more than if you drop to a three day a week program. If you need to keep it fresh, do it. Judging by your post, it’s obvious that you now realize that we can all slip out of shape, somehow getting lazy. Don’t let it happen again because you were bored!

I don’t have much experience with cutting, so I can’t really say whether or not switching to a total body program would cause your progress to diminish. I would think that as long as your diet is in place, and your cardio is still good, you should see good results. I don’t know if you could fit it in, but maybe you could do some GPP somewhere to keep the fire burning. Just my two cents.

Good Luck

I don’t see any reason why a switch from a 4-day a week to a 3-day a week would slow down your weight loss, since you would be doing equal or more work per body part.

just 1.25cents though

thanks guys - I guess I will try it for a few weeks and see what happens. Maybe do some different things for cardio as well.