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Should I Swap Some Things Out In my Cycle?

Hi guys.

Currently going with the following.

250 test e and 600 deca.
EW. done in 2 shots mon and fri.

Currently weighing around 211 lb and 5’9’’ tall.

I think i overestimated deca a little and want to add more test, and maybe swap out 400mg deca for eq instead.

So the cycle would be 375mg test (1ml), 200mg deca, and around 375mg eq (1ml).

Im not quite sure that deca as the main thing is doing a great deal for me, its not bad.
Bot i just feel too soft and sluggish.
Not sure if even 600mg deca was too low, it dosent seem as strong as i expected it to be.

Thoughts ?

How long have you been running the Deca? It takes a while to kick in.

375mg/wk of EQ is pointless in my opinion, it needs to be run much higher unless you’re just running it for the cardio benefits. 200mg/wk of Deca is just going to make your joints feel better. You might as well just run 500-600mg/wk of Test only.

Ive been on it for 6 weeks now.
I even frontloaded it at 900mg the first 2 weeks to get the levels up fast.
I just feel and look like a big bag og chips in the gym.

I am actually avoiding the test only to combat DHT, so i wont have hairloss.
Just had my first hair transplant, and i would really like to avoid finasteride since i think it can cause a lot of trouble.

Thats why im going with the low androgens.

  • getting RU58841 in a couple of days, so after that i should be good.
    But i want to try doing a cycle that wont damage my hair.

So you actually think that example - 800mg of one thing > is better than 3x 275mg of 3 compounds ? if they even have higher anabolic ratio in the end.

Ok makes sense. Agreed you’ll be better off with a lower dose of test if keeping your hair is a priority.

I don’t think it’s better in terms of muscle gained, but it’s way easier to handle sides, control E2, etc. if you’re just taking one compound compared to several, and you’ll end up with the similar results in the end.