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Should I Still Use HCG?

Hi everyone,

i finished my 10 week sustanon cycle about 3 weeks ago and planned to take HCG during the 3 weeks after my last shot and pct .
Now someting unexpected happened and my gf trew it away.
so i did order some more but now i already started my pct last saturday (should be here within 2 days).
From what i read its not optimal to use it when already started pct.
But is it still better then not using it at all or will it delay my recovery.

what im using now is nolv clomid and arimidex .

You should have been using it during your cycle. That’s kind of the best way to maintain normal testicular function while taking exogenous testosterone. Once you’re into pct you can probably just roll with your SERMs, though I don’t know why you’re using two of them. And I also don’t know why you’re using an AI while you’re on SERMs, but it’s your body, so do with it what you want.

yeah thats what i figured .
ill just skip it for now and use it nextime during my cycle .
i just have the AI on hand just in case not using it when i dont need to .
for the SERMS i did alot of research and from what i read its best to combine both nolv and clomid at lower doses.
u can correct me when im wrong

Using two SERMs is fine, but it seems unnecessary. It was in fact the protocol for a lot of years, so it’s not like it’ll really hurt you. But Clomid has a higher incidence of side effects, and using Nolva-only appears to be effective, so that makes it hard to justify using both. But again, it’ll work and, unless you get bad Clomid side effects, it’s not going to hurt you.