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Should I Start TRT? Bloodwork Inside

Dr is recommending I start TRT. I want second opinions. I’m 30. I had another test back in Feb TT was 264. Had a test 2 years ago TT was 228.


Can’t recommend one way or the other just based on labs. We need symptoms and some basic personal info. You definitely have low T and high-ish E2. So not a good combo.

What kind of personal info?

Symptoms? Lack of drive, motivation, inability to put on muscle and/or lose fat despite calorie counting and cleaning eating, tired, depressed feeling to name a few.

Height, weight, waist size, etc. look at some of the other posts and you’ll see the format.

So far, certainly seems like you’d benefit from TRT IF it’s handled correctly and that’s a big if…

Age: 30
Height: 5’9
Waist: 34"
Weight: 185
Bodyfat: Around 13-14 I believe

Hair: No facial hair can’t grow sideburns. Little chin hair. Hair on head is fine grows quickly. Nothing much on arms, decent amount on legs. Nothing on chest or back.
Carrying fat: Mostly in the glutes and stomach. Little on upper chest and some on low back.

Health: Tired alot, depressed feeling, weakness, moodiness.
RX/OTC: Nothing. Ever. Not even weed.
Diet: Clean usual. Go out to eat sometimes. Never drink sodas, avoid most stuff in a box. A lot of chicken, salmon, complex carbs, etc.
Training: Light weights, don’t train heavy often. 4-5 days a week. Haven’t been lately due to energy and mood.
Testes ache: Never
Erections: Nothing in the morning, low interest in sex. Not bad to the point of ED. And I’ve been married almost 9 years.

We’ll, if you are just looking for opinions, I think you are a perfect candidate for TRT.

Very important to find a good doc. You will want to be able yo self inject two times per week with T cyp. Most start out with 100mg/week. You will also need an aromatse inhibitor to control E2. Most here use 1mg of arimidex in two divided doses per week. You also want to inject hcg at 250iu EOD. Also be nice to get a full thyroid panel done. So, if your doc is on board, then you can come back and get more into. Good luck.

Actually I’ve already seen a doctor and he’s suggesting 150mg of TEST CYP weekly, HCG, and Anti-Estrogen. The clinic is charging me $200 monthly. I saw 2 different doctors and they would not prescribe anything.

Are they allowing self injection? I assume so. Sounds like you’re on the right track. Do you know the specifics on the AI and hcg? What does the $200/month include?

I forgot the exact specifics. They are going to be on the packaging which comes tomorrow. As far as I know it’s $100 for the test, $25 for the anastrozole and $75 for the hcg. Includes needles, etc. Delivered to the house each month.

There’s an annual physician exam which is $145 and a $150 charge for follow up labs.

Sounds good. Let us know before you begin. Most on here divide the T cyp shots and do them every 3.5 days. It really makes for much more steady levels and less aromitization. Most also inject sq as it is painless and has been shown to deliver a smoother, more consistent amount into the bloodstream. You will also need a pill cutter. The adex pills are tiny and need to cut in half.

If you don’t listen to anything else I said, make E2 control JOB ONE.

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