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Should I Start TRT? Bloodwork Advice?

After 5 years of trying to get GPs to help me with low test. I have finally got an appointment scheduled with a private clinic in another city. No doubt he will send me for more tests. But I recently had the following done (privately funded)

Can I get some feedback interpreting these results, please?

With regards to Free T I used an online calculator using total T & SHGB. I possibly did it wrong - not sure.

Test: 10.7nmol or 308.6ng/dl
Free T: 7.19 ng/dL or 71.9 pg/mL
FSH: 3.0 U/L (Range 2-12)
LH: 5.0 U/L (Range 2-9)
SHGB: 24.5 (Range 13.3 - 89.5)
Prolactin: 122 mU/L (Range 45-375)
Cortisol: 398 nmol/L (Range 170-500)
Oestradiol: 62 pmol/L (Range <200)

Main symptoms arelow libido (ok libido in the morning though) and difficulty changing my body composition and fatigue to a degree.

The particular doctor im going to prescribes creams.

Will they work for me & my SHGB level? I’m worried my SHGB is low.

Just wondering what sort of starting protocol people here would suggest. I’m open to injection protocols and can potentially convince my doctor of them if people here think it will be better.

I guess I’m just a bit nervous I’ll end up worse off than I am now if I can’t find the sweet spot.

Age, height, weight, bf, diet, lifestyle, exercise, other symptoms, etc. Giving numbers is fine, but you’re not a number. You have provided a fraction of the information and you’re asking strangers to weigh in on a huge life decision. Give the whole picture and you’ll get advice. Because based on your numbers and your one symptom the answer to your question is “I have no idea”.

Your SHBG isn’t low, but injetions might decrease it a little, creams not so much. A little bit low SHBG isn’t going to change your hormone landscape to a large degree.

You symptoms are likely T related as these levels are mediocre, even the estrogen levels are unsatisfactory.

Hey Iron_yuppie thanks for the reply. I’ll try give some more details.

38 years old

Bodyfat around 17-20%

Diet is currently 2319cal (184p/218c/79f). Recently started trying to trim up bit.

Maintenance cals are around 2750

Foods are mostly clean choices. Lean meats with salmon and other healthy fats. Fruit, rice and oats for carbs

Went on CPAP a year ago (apnea) now I sleep well 6.5-7.5 hours. Had hoped that would help increase my levels.

Train 4 times a week. And actually have pretty decent strength.

Rarely drink. When I do it’s 2-3 beers max for social occasions

In terms of symptoms I just feel run down a lot of the time. Prior to CPAP I had to nap a lot during the day, but now I can get through a whole day ok. My libido ebbs and flows it can be quite good 10% of the time and pretty crap 90% of the time.

When I was in my 20s I foolishly did several cycles for too long and was basically naive about what I was doing. I wonder if that is a contributing factor so my now sub optimal numbers.

You’re right, this is a huge decision and I don’t have complete confidence in New Zealand doctors and there knowledge on TRT so hoping to collect as much feedback as possible before I do anything.

Based on the above, can you offer anymore thoughts?

Thanks so much.


Appreciate you taking the time to reply. I’ve read the forum quite a bit and it seems you give a lot to the community. Thank you.

It’s a relief to hear my SHGB isn’t too low. Based on my reply to iron_yuppie and the more detailed information, do you think I should make any lifestyle changes before embarking on a TRT regime ?

I’m fed up dealing with this and just want to feel good

Well based on what you’re saying I would be inclined to believe that trt would be a decent option to explore. Your numbers aren’t basement level bad, bu they’re not good. They’re pretty much what mine were when I started. And the low libido thing is something you can expect a little bit of as you age, but nothing like what you’re describing. You shouldn’t be like you were at 20 when you’re 38, but it should still be way healthier than it sounds like you’re experiencing.

Well testosterone normally starts declining gradually after 30 and continues the downward trajectory and together with all the endocrine disruptors in the environment the odds are stacked against you increasing T to a meaningful degree.

Let’s be reasonable, you’re not going to increase your testosterone to the levels you had when you were younger.

I didn’t see a range for Total or free T to go with the numbers, but they appear low. What time of day was the blood draw? That has an effect on natural production. I’ve only been to the North island so far, but I really love NZ. I’d move there if they still let old guys go there, LOL.

Total range starts at 280 and goes to 800ish. I’m in range just at the lower end. Was done shortly after waking up around 8am.

You’re welcome in NZ anytime mate! I’m from the north island but currently holidaying in the beautiful south island.

So, you had that draw at roughly your maximum blood level for the day, it’s all downhill from there. I was where you are, and tried Clomid and other stuff. I ended up on TRT and I do not regret it a bit. And I have every intention of getting back there, the place is awesome. I could go for a pie and a long black right now.