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Should I Start the Texas Method?

I’ve been doing starting strength for the past few months, my dead lift went from 111 to 270, my squat went from 111 to 231, my bench went up the least from 153 to 173, my one rep max for bench is 200.

Im 170 pounds, 5’11, and 18. i was just wondering if i should start texas method, as i seemed to have hit a plateau. or is there more gains i can get from starting strength? frankly im burnt out from starting strength. If not texas method, any other good strength enhancing programs?

Go for it. “Technically” or according to the book, you should have deloaded several times before moving on. But that’s my take on it.

I have done SS three separate times, never deloaded once. I just moved onto something different. The point is, there are no rules.

Starr 5x5 is another one you may like, or WS4SB, WS4 Vikings, or another Westside template.

You have good numbers for someone your age and weight. Nice job!

If you’re burnt out on Rippetoes, it occurs to me that the texas method might not be the best idea, because it’s just more of the same.

Still a good routine, though.

[quote]Otep wrote:
If you’re burnt out on Rippetoes, it occurs to me that the texas method might not be the best idea, because it’s just more of the same.

Still a good routine, though.[/quote]

Sort of. It does rotate between max effort and medium effort days, adds in front squats … and some other changes that I can’t think of.


OP, you decide.

I’ve got a slightly different question, but related:

I’ve been on a 5x5 program since June, and I’m going to switch to something else in 5 weeks, after I hit 300 on squats and deads for reps and 200 on bench for reps.

The question I’ve been struggling with is: what?

For me, those numbers seem like a good point to say, “ok, I’ve got a base of strength. It’s time to start getting big.” Sure, my shape’s changed a bit, but I want to start really focusing on getting some size.

The problem I’ve got is that there are tons (literally; if I printed them out, it’d probably total several metric tons) of programs on T-Nation alone. And all of them claim to be great.

So, as a beginner, I’m left wondering where to even begin paring the choices down. Do I want a 5-day split? Circuits? Supersets? high volume? High intensity? Something else?

I’ve been so frustrated, I’ve considered taking my current program (a basic 5x5 with a Texas method variant for progression) and using some different variations on the basic lifts (different squat types, different standing and lying presses, different standing pulls, etc.), lightening the weights, and upping the reps.

But I will happily admit I know nothing about programming, and would rather have something already designed I could follow.

I’m just at a loss as to what would make sense for someone just moving away from a 5x5 program who wants to start focusing on size.

the best thing to do is not worry so much about what type of training program you are going to start, i used to do that way too much, just pick something that makes sense, eat a lot, sleep a lot, and go for it

if you are getting stronger and bigger then it is a good program for you, it you are not progressing at all and youre eating enough and getting enough rest then try something else

the most important thing is working as hard as you can on each day you lift, some days it just goes better than others

you can do anything from bodybuilding to powerlifting if you want, just make sure you enjoy it and put everything you have into it

a program is only as good as the effort you put into it

hope this helps