Should I Start HCG?

I’m currently on week 4 of my 500mg test a week cycle. Today i’ve noticed major ball shrinkage, the size of a peanut. Should I just let them be or should I add hcg to my cycle and how much? What are your thoughts and experiences?

I haven’t run that high a dose, but I am on trt. I’m surprised you’d have that significant of shrinkage in just 4 weeks. But if it bothers you or are worried, go ahead and add the hcg, I don’t think It’d hurt anything.

Thanks man, my T levels are borderline low anyways (before any AAS usage). I was going to blast and cruise so wasn’t sure if taking hcg for long periods if time was bad, not sure how to manage that and how many breaks to take or how to cycle it

I’m not an expert on it, but I believe that when taking therapeutic doses you don’t need to cycle HCG. Just take 250-500 iu a 2-3 times a week [not medical advice :slight_smile: ]

Some guys don’t seem to feel well when taking it some feel much better. Most everyone gets the effect you’re looking for but as usual your milage may vary.

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However long you are on exogenous androgens, be it TRT or cycle, you should remain on HCG. The key is the dose should not exceed 250IU twice per week. Some do 500IU, but the higher the dose, the greater the risk of leydig cells desensitization.

Stopping the HCG while you are on androgens defeats the purpose to being on the HCG in the first place. You are preventing your testicles from atrophy so that when if you do come off everything, your own endogenous testosterone production will come back faster via pituitary signaling to the testes.

Personally more HCG for me would have been better. I used a 5,000iu bottle in 3 weeks after a long cycle, I definitely noticed my testicles grow larger I felt better but the effects went away once I quit the HCG.

I started taking nolva 3 weeks after my last tapered dose of Test E with some HCG in that period while waiting for the Ester to clear.

It may have been best if I ran the HCG on cycle all the way almost to my PCT