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Should I Start Cutting? And How?


I didn’t suggest eating maintenance, I suggested eating 200 below maintenance. My point is dropping your calories by 33% (from 3,000 to 2,000) will cause more harm than good. Steady decreases will be way more helpful than drastic cuts.

While it may seem logical to immediately drop calories and increase cardio, etc, you are doing several things to harm your body:

  1. Your body needs energy from food and the micronutrients found in food.
  2. Reducing drastically can have effects on insulin and other important hormones. Including increasing cortisol levels.
  3. Suppose you start training everyday, with cardio, and drop your calories to 2,000. If you stall, what else do you have to do in your arsenal of tricks? You can’t drop to 1,500 or increase activity, etc.

This is a process. One step at a time. Remove all calorie containing drinks, clean up your carb sources to grains, pasta, rice, quinoa, sweet potato, etc. Ensure you are getting good protein and fats, hit your daily caloric goal (I suggest 2,600), and attack the program.

You will see results doing this.


Thanks for the answer, but i dont se ur point when u are saying that is drastic to drop the calories from 3k to 2k, maaany people and trained guys to that.

2600 is far to much for me, sorry. If i stick to this amount of kcal, i cant see how i will lose weight, i cant see.


sounds like you already know what to do, if you’re going to tell us we are wrong. What, exactly, are you asking advice for, if you’re going to say it’s wrong when you receive it?


Is it possible? My is over


I have given you the best advice I can give you.

You just stated your goal and it doesn’t change what I have suggested. There is no secrete I have, that I can share knowing you want to look that way.

Today is February 16th (in the US), which means you have four months. Use this time to accept the advice given or not.


Btw, I think a real shallow and insecure person tries to discredit someone based on a picture. Kinda two face to say congrats way to go, then say I know nothing look at his physique. Kinda pathetic too.

We are all trying to help, and I never slammed what you suggested. There are over 100 ways to skin a cat. We don’t all have to agree. Athletes train daily, sometimes multiple times. I don’t know why it’s such a crime to suggest daily exercise for a beginner trying to lose weight.


Because a shitty training program and a tightened up diet can lead to better fat loss than a shitty diet and awesome training program.

Interesting that your own progress seems to reflect the importance of addressing diet more than training, as you said:
"I was trying to find ways to do it as quickly as possible. Eventually diet and nutrition needed an overhaul.

Once I cut out excessive sugar and started eating dark green vegetables everyday that I saw notable improvements in body comp and also just overall performance. Not just in the weight room but also every area of my life."


It’s not shallow at all. You said your body of work, what you’ve done for your own physique, is indicative of your authority on the subject. So I posted a direct link to your body of work. What’s wrong with that? If you’re proud of your results, you shouldn’t have a problem with me posting your picture to show what, exactly, you’ve achieved. Right?

You can think I’m pathetic all you want though. I’ve been giving advice on these forums for YEARS that has helped people. I know what I’m doing.


Harsh but they’re hot


Am I trying to suggest diet isn’t important? No way. Never have. Obv it is. But initially the OP was giving very minimal details about food (still is along with height, weight, and age) so I suggested daily exercise. Still do. Most authors on this site do too. A walk counts as daily exercise. CT mentions a morning walk during cuts. Check out his cutting posts in the forum (pure gold)Prove me wrong there.

Get getting my diet under control was a looooong process. Cutting out sugar, alcohol, fast food and other ‘necessary’ supplements took a while. Cooking was an initial problem too. What’s the OP to do I’m the meantime? Beach body weather soon! My suggestion was purely a suggestion for options outside of an overnight diet overhaul.

All the advice that has been suggested is great advice. Never once have I even suggested otherwise. But I feel everyone wants to discredit and disrespect the guy with the suggestion that is outside the box of ‘get diet under control. Compound lifts 3x/week. Hydrate.’

Outside of my tits comment (because OP wasn’t listening to everybody’s great advice) I’ve been nice.


Not at all the same thing.


My point is dropping your calories by 33% (from 3,000 to 2,000) will cause more harm than good.

A guy over here wrote this. What does that mean?



Zack Morris, what got you in trouble in the first place on this thread was a common mistake of people who are just-barely-past-beginner-but-not-yet-really-accomplished, who have made at least a modest degree of progress and now think they know it all: you spoke in an “absolute” about something that many advanced trainees know is not true.

You do not HAVE to exercise every day to lose weight, and in fact, as many of us have stated here, moving more without fixing the diet is a significantly inferior approach to a well-structured diet with 3-4 days per week of training. I happen to like working out (lifting or running) every day, but I am under no delusion that it is an absolute necessity for progress; one look at flipcollar, who is both stronger and leaner than me, should settle that.

There would be no need to “discredit” or “disrespect” anyone if you weren’t telling people who are all bigger, stronger, and leaner than you how it works. Again, this happens every day on forums everywhere: some Johnny-Come-Lately who’s had a small modicum of success is the newest expert who can’t wait to share how they lost a few pounds.

There’s a reason most of the suggestions are inside that box: it works.

Stop trying to be right. Stop playing the “Lol!” card when you get called out. Stick around the forums, listen, ask questions, and start dispensing advice when you’ve actually made sufficient progress to warrant listening to. Telling other people who have advanced significantly beyond your current level what’s what is really never going to end well, and reading this thread from the outside, you look like an idiot.


I’m sorry, I need a shirtless picture of you so I know how credible you are.


Good luck OP, I’m checking out of this pissing contest.

I hope you can see how important diet and a solid training program are to achieve your goals.


his posting history and athletic achievement support his level of credibility. You know, the 2 things you don’t have.

And as activitiesguy suggested, the problem was that you made an ABSOLUTE statement that is verifiably false. Then you got defensive when people suggested that your suggestion wasn’t the absolute truth.

If you had said ‘I lost X amount of weight using Y approach, this worked for me, there are other ways but I think this is one of the best ones to achieve your goals’, you would have gotten zero pushback. None at all. What you said was ‘You GOTTA do X, Y won’t cut it.’, insinuating that your way was the only way. This is the absolute I was responding to. And if you actually read my response to you critically, you will see that I was pretty nice in my original reply to you. I said ‘your suggestion isn’t terrible, but I disagree. Here are the concepts I think are more important’. But you got your feelings so damn hurt from the beginning, you couldn’t see any of this. And, as you usually do, you replied with a snide little quip, similar to your ‘nice tits’ comment that you opened with. You don’t come across as a good guy. You come across as an asshole, and a know it all, who clearly has very little experience and knowledge compared to the guys you are talking to. The OP can decide who to listen to, and I think I’ve provided plenty of evidence as to who that should be.


I said that, and I followed that statement with three bullet points.


What dchris already said was completely accurate. And he explained it well. For some reason you simply ignored his well-reasoned explanation. I’ll try exactly 1 time to get it through your head.

An enormous drop in calories like what you suggest will do metabolic damage to your system. Long-term, it is far more effective to slowly drop calories. You will also be able to preserve more muscle while cutting if you don’t do a drastic calorie drop.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you drop 15 lbs of bodyweight by lowering your calories to 2000, and you find that you’re still fat (I promise you would still be fat). What’s your next option? You gonna drop another 500 calories to lose a few more lbs? drop 1000 more calories to lose 15 more lbs? You should be able to see why that won’t work.

The BIGGEST key to weight loss that is most commonly misunderstood, because it’s not intuitive, is that you want to consistently keep your calories as high as possible while still losing weight, so that you have room to cut calories when weight loss stalls. So, if you can lose 5 lbs at 2800 calories, 5 more at 2600, and 5 more at 2400, you’ll have lost the same amount of weight, but be eating 2400 calories per day instead of 2000, leaving you more room to adjust your diet for future weight loss.

Does this make sense?


This is such a fantastic explanation I needed to highlight it. It is true with everything. Use the minimal dose for the maximal effect and slowly increase to break stalls. Same trick works for training volume manipulation. If you throw everything and the kitchensink into your training, what the hell are you going to do when you stall? If you stop doing anything that affects your recovery, what are you going to cut out when you stop recovering?


Guys, when u are on a calorie deficit like i am now, and eating 2000 kcal a day. If i want to lose weight, do i then need to be active every day, or how does this work? I have heard something about basal metabolic rate?