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Should I Start Cutting? And How?


Overcomplicating the nutrition and oversimplifying your point… cool man. You sure showed us.

“You can’t out train your diet” end of discussion. The nutrition needs to be sorted and not to the detailed minutia of nutrient timing.


Ok. 1g of protein per lb of his bodyweight, 20% calories from fat, rest from carbs. For cutting bodyweight in cals x 10-12.

no need for that. It’s majoring in the minors at this point.[quote=“Zack_Morris, post:78, topic:226145”]
and the importance of pre intra and post work out nutrition

see above.

only eating the food you want to eat will make for a sucky physique. Those with good physiques understand this.[quote=“Zack_Morris, post:78, topic:226145”]
Or he could get moving everyday and save is all some time.

the idea that he could move everyday and out-train a bad diet is laughably false. Honestly, I’m surprised that you would even try and argue otherwise.


Zack, are you actually suggesting that nutrition is NOT his current problem? The dude said he got fat in the span of like 2 months of ‘bulking’. That doesn’t happen if diet is good, and it sure as hell doesn’t get fixed by working out a few more times a week.

I agreed with you that his training is incorrect, I just feel like he would be better served with focusing on ACTUALLY building muscle, rather than dedicating lots and lots of time to working up a sweat. I don’t think that from a training economy standpoint that this is a great idea.

I also don’t understand why beginners like you feel like you already know everything, just because you had a minor success in the gym.

Dchris and yogi have already said it: you can’t outtrain a bad diet.




Yesterday i eat, oatmel/melk to breakfast. Chicken with potato dinner. A apple to lunch and 3 eggs and a slice of bread. Around 1700 kcal, and i also train 45 minuttes


Just because I’m new here doesn’t make me a beginner.


For everyone’s reference in this thread, THIS is the guy who is making the suggestion that working out every day is going to fix the issue, not a proper nutrition plan.

I’m honestly surprised you decided to be a dick to me here. I was nice to you in your rate my physique thread. Enjoy your life of sub-mediocrity.


Your physique is what makes you a beginner, not your newness to the forum.




Dude, no no no no.

Before i started with bulk, my body was really skinnyfat and also then my bodyfat percentage was around 35%, so i thought that i should bulk to add some musclemass and the cut. On the bulk i eat just normall food, with alot of fat and protein


Can u guys be seriuos? And take that catfight between you a another place.


I would think successfully losing weight would qualify me for helping someone lose weight.


How many calories have you been averaging in your myfitnesspal? (Ideally for the last 2 weeks or more.)

For training, aside from 5/3/1, this is a great program: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/10-x-3-for-fat-loss

Make sure you follow the short rests and do the jump roping.


Huh? I eat 2000 kcal now, because i have way to much fat


What’s your age, height, and weight


I asked because at the beginning of your thread you said you ate 3000.

Making huge drops can be more detrimental than helpful. Let’s say you were gaining fat at 3,000 cals, dropping to 2,800 could put you at maintenance. If you then drop it to 2,600 and do a program like I suggested, you will steadily lose fat and possibly gain some muscle and strength.


Here u guys can see my body taken now. Alot of fat, but i feel i have added som musclemass om. Maybe that is funny, but i feel that


Ya… you’re fat. The program I suggested applied with intensity and just as much focus on your diet will get things moving in the right direction.


Yes i see that, relly good advice.

But after the bulk period i think that i have added to much fat. So i really need some weeks to get rid of that fat. If i eat on maintance, it will go x4 times slower


No one told you to “eat at maintenance”, whatever that should mean.

Eat to support your goals.