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Should I Start Cutting? And How?


I’ll dumb it down for you. Dumb it wayyyy down. Since this ain’t your first language and all.


Follow it exactly as it states in the article.

Eat lesser food.

Do it for 3 months then come back here.


Yes is that program i use now, just added on 2-3 more excercies. Progression every week.

Do i see a difference? Maybe a bigger amount of musclemass in the arms


You squat/bench 20kgs. In what world do you think this is acceptable for anyone who has been training for more than even a month?

And no, you didn’t even read the program.

That and you already failed. I literally said. Do the program as its stated and come back 3 months from now.


20kg + the pole which is 10kg, it is 30kg. Now i am in week 5 and i do 50kg without any problems.

Either i will cut the fat to the summer now, or i will just reduce the weight. Not starting on a new progression program, 8 weeks after i did one


Actually, you’re right. You should do that, I wish you all the best.


What do u other guys think? Cutting to lose that belly fat?


Find a boxing gym/club with a coach, go 3 times a week, run, circuits, bodyweight stuff, pad work. Do that for a year and enjoy looking like a completely different beast. You will burn fat, build muscle, get stronger, faster and fitter.

eat good clean food to fuel your boxing sessions.

I can guarantee you this will work.


Hmm okey. But now i have not time to go to any boxing club, is way to far from my home.

My goal now is just to get rid of that belly fat to the summer. I dont care if i have small musclemass, my priority is just getting rid of belly fat. I am thinking of eating in small amounts and training hard workout programs.

Not sure, what do u think?


@Benanything gave you the hard truth. A little harsh? Maybe. But everything he said was advice that will definitely put you in a better place than you currently are.

You need to do physical activity everyday. Go for walks, do some simple bodyweight circuits, etc. Do a simple program like the 5/3/1 that he linked you or starting strength.

Do not add anything to these programs, do them as written. Just be sure to be moderately active on your off days.

You have some significant body fat to lose. Choose healthy whole foods and consume in moderation.
Protein: Chicken, Beef, Fish, Turkey, even Protein Powder
Carbs: Potatoes, Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa
LOTS of Vegetables with every meal

Be aware of what you are drinking, you may be drinking a lot of your calories.

Be consistent in the gym and with your nutrition. This stuff is a lot easier than you think. Train hard, eat healthy. Rinse and repeat.

Again, like Ben said, go try these things for 3 entire months no cheats, not skipping workouts. I guarantee you will make amazing progress. If you want it, it is yours for the taking. You just have to make up your mind and stop making excuses for yourself.



So everything i did and train now, i just can throw it in the water? Also, i have tried a progression program for 5-6 weeks now. And eating ALOT of food, trying to build muscle.

So to do that overagain, dont know if i have the motivation to do that. Because these program(SS and 5/3/1), are easy excercies like squat/bench etc, and its about the progression for every week. Its very good programs, i know that.

I originally though to start cutting, and see where it takes me. Maybe the belly fat will get away? Though of eating like 2k kcal a day, and training 4-5 days a week.




Download myfitness pal or similar app. Log EVERY bit of food you eat for 1 month. Weigh and measure it, no guessing. Chew some sugar free gum? Log it. That is the correct amount of nuerosis at the biginning while you teach yourself what a cup of rice or an ounce of meat looks like.

Pick a calorie number and hit it every day for an entire month. Say 2,500. If you lose weight over that month then keep at it.

As you learn about meal sizes and prep this gets easier. Take it from a fellow fatty that’s rehabbing:


I wrestled for 8 years and was always exactly 1 weight class too high. I would run for hours with six layers on, do all the extra work the coach asked. But the only nutrition advice I got was “eat less”. You know what that works. But fatties have a hard time judging “less”. Cause food is awesome.


It has clearly not been working, so yes, I suppose, you could “throw it in the water”.

5-6 weeks is not long enough, and “a progression program” is EVERY program…if you aren’t progressing, then you’re wasting your time.

This part is evident by your physique. You need to eat LESS food of higher quality and get to a healthy body fat % before thinking about adding muscle.
You will experience some beginner gains while losing weight if you actually work out appropriately.

Well here is your problem. Stop thinking short term. You need to be motivated, unless you want to settle with that physique…

Hmmm…ok…go back to those really hard bicep curls and tricep extensions and see how that works out for you.

You need to lose fat. You’re at an unhealthy bodyfat %, especially at your age when your metabolism should be fast (assuming other undisclosed issues aren’t present). You’re welcome to count calories, but for me focusing on eating CLEAN made the biggest difference. It isn’t easy to consume 3200cals just eating eggs, chicken, rice and veggies. Drink more water as well. If you feel like snacking, chug a large water bottle of water. That should help reduce cravings. Then you can start dialing in nutrition more when you get close to reasonable physique.

  1. Focus on athletic goals. A faster run/swim/bicycle ride, a heavier lift, more reps of a body weight exercise. It doesn’t matter how weak or slow those seem. It can even be as simple as jogging an entire mile, or walking a 5k at a faster time. Don’t sweat where you are. Look at the next step.

  2. Go into training with a mindset that you want to reach those goals.

  3. Profit.


Its EXCATLY what i do. I log EVERY food i eat there on this myfitnesspal app. I try to eat around 3000 kcal and minimum 150 gram.

Its a really god app.


I am drinking just water, and then i mean just water, nothing else.

And i agree with u, my bodyfat % now is a bit high. If i want to get rid of it i need to eat around 2200 kcal. 2500 kcal, doesnt work that well.

So u are not reccomending to start cutting?


Yes, you should start cutting. You have no idea if 2500kcal works or not because you haven’t been training hard and consistently. Pick one program. Follow it to the tee. Train hard. Add physical activity outside of the gym.

Out of curiosity, what did you eat yesterday?


When do u reccomend to start cutting? Because the program i follow is 6 weeks bulk program, which means to train and eat alot next week aswell.

I trained last year and trained to get rid of some kilograms, and i eat around 2500 kcal, but it went very very slow. And isnt cutting, 500 kalories less then that u are eating normally? Which will be like 2000 for me, as i eat 2500 normally.

I eat 2 eggs, 4 slices cheese, bread, apple, strawberry, small cake bit, fish, chicken and potato. And 4 pieces of bread.


I think you need to buy a bike or bus pass and get there!

Oh and yes, put some bricks in the bag when you throw it in the water. And maybe a few kittens.


Please post your program.

This is why I don’t think you’re experienced enough to worry about calories right now. Focus on eating clean, whole foods. Eliminate processed food and don’t eat out.