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Should I Start Cutting? And How?


Hey guys. I have trained in like 5-6 weeks with bulking program. Thinking to bulk next week aswell, and then cut. I am skinnyfat as u can ser. Now i eat 3000 kalories.

What is ut advice now to get rid of that stomach and the fat? Thank you!<img


The most important thing for you to lose fat is going to be energy balance, meaning how many calories you take in vs how many you expend. To lose weight, you need to be taking in fewer calories than you expend. Is 3000 what you were ‘bulking’ with? Did you gain weight fast while eating 3000 cal/day? What is your training like? I know your energy intake is 3000 cal/day, but what is your diet like? Info like that will make it easier to help you out.


you shouldn’t be bulking… You need a basic healthy diet that allows recovery from what you do in the gym at this point. Forget BULKING and CUTTING you have too much excess body weight for a bulking diet and probably not enough lean body weight to even consider cutting. Eat healthy and try to improve on the movements your doing in the gym. Im guessing your a beginner?
What does this bulking program look like?


I am originally from Norway, so sorry about my english.

Yes 3000 kcal is what i am bulking with, more or less. Some days 2800 and some 3200. Yes, i will say that i gain weight fast.

When i first started i was around 198 pound and now i am like 209 pounds.

My trainingprogram is a easy progression program. I train 3 times a week, around 45 minutes. The program contains 7 excercies like bicepscurl, tricepsexcercies etc. It also contains two volum excercies. I take 7x3 on every excercies.

My diet is nothing special, but i use a program called myfitnesspal, and there i write everyhing a eat in a day, which is minum 150 gram protein, 350 carbs and maximal 100 gram fat. Much egg, milk, meat and bread.


Ok. I just took a advice from a guy which said that i need to be bulking first and then cut, because i have high amount of fat percent and small amount of muscle, therfor.

Week 1 for the program. I put on 2kg on every week, and i am in week 5 now. Its to 6 weeks.

Rowing one and a manual 8kg

Breast dumbbell 8kg

Arnold Press 8kg

Barbell 6kg

French Press 12kg

Bulgarian outcomes 5kg

Strength Exercises 5 rep 3 sets

bench press 20kg

squat 20kg


You should stick to compound movements (bench, squat, deadlifts, rows) rather than things like bicep curls and tricep extensions. Like Bulldog said, eat healthy foods and drop your calories down a bit. Food is fuel, for your workouts and for your recovery. Right now, you’re eating more than you need to


I wrote the program over u, take a look at it :slight_smile:

Yes now i eat more because i bulk, ant want to add more musclemass


That individual gave you foolish advice… If you are a beginner and younger ( which I assume you are) Eating a healthy diet along with a proper exercise program will add muscle along with removing excess weight at this stage.


No i am not beginner, i have tried some before, but not much. And i have also tried that u are writing there, eating healty and lifting, but i didnt see a big difference.

Now, when i am bulking i can actually see a different on my arm, it looks bigger.


How long have you actually been lifting?



I will say 4-5 months ish.


With amount of time…you would be considered a beginner in most experienced people point of view. Which isn’t a bad thing.


Ok ok.

But whats ur advice now? Now like i said, i have bulked, trying to add som musclemass. But now my goal is to get rid of fat fat, to the summer. Is why i am thinking of deffin+training hard.

What do u reckommend?


What is your current height and weight? Are you a adult or a teenager? Where you very active before you got into lifting?


209 pounds now, 20 years.

I have been very active when i was like 10-18(football). But the last year i havent been so much active now.


More thoughts?


Dang, I was falling asleep and seeing this thread literally woke me up… This ain’t gon be pretty but trust me, you need it.

If we’re going by that picture you sent, no, you’re not skinny fat. You’re just fat. Hell, I genuinely thought you were a fat chick at first, holy shit.

Lose weight. Lose a shit ton of weight cause that’s how much fat you’re carrying around, a shit ton. I’m specifying that because it doesn’t seem like you know that… You are a fat fuck.

Your training program is absolute trash and you lack pretty much any training knowledge. Follow a basic training program designed by a reputable coach.

The advice isn’t necessarily wrong but it was definitely wrongly applied in your situation.

Yes you are. I really really want to call you a fucking idiot.

Apparently you weren’t trying hard enough.

Because you got FAT AS FUCK and the fat goes everywhere, including your arm.

Basically, it’s real simple. All you need to do is, eat lesser calories first. You say you’re eating 3000 calories daily, cut that down to 2500 for the next 2-3 weeks. Maybe even more after that.

Follow a training program developed by a reputable coach and FOLLOW IT. There are loads of options out there but I linked you 531 for hardgainers cause it was the first thing that came to my mind.

While you’re at it, read this.

I sincerely hope you’re joking/trolling cause if this is real, I have absolutely no idea what caused you to think you’re heading in the right direction.

and holy shit @bulldog9899, how are you that patient?

High Volume Deadlift Training Program

Bro why u so agressive? And i am not fat, that picture i took over here is right after that i eat a toon of food.

And yes i am skinnyfat, do u know why? Because when i am trying to lose weight, i just end up with a smaller version of myself, also smaller amount of fat, but not enough musclemass, so the fat is just hanging there.


Cool story bro.

How does this change anything? You being skinny fat or fat. Either ways, you look like shit.

Because, you’ve been given advice and you’re not taking it. Do you like the way you look?


So whats ur advice then? That eating 2500 kcal and training a progression program(which i do now) have i tried a million times, but i end up skinny and with fat.

What about cut? 2000 kcal a day.

And skinny and skinny fat is not the same, because skinnyfat is small muscleamount and alot of fat. Skinny is just small amount of muscle and small amount of fat, MUCH EASIER.