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Should I Start a Cycle with High Bodyfat?

I’ve been told that I shouldn’t start a TRT cycle if I’m at a high bf.
I’ve been training for 4 solid years and gained quite the muscle mass. I’m 5’5, 231 lb at 23-25%.
It’s my first cycle, and I’ll be running 500mg\week of testosterone enanthate for 12 weeks.

First of all, get your vocabulary correct. TRT and cycling are 2 different things. TRT is for life. A cycle is just that, a time period.

Secondly, lots guys will tell you to diet and drop the fat before a cycle. In my personal opinion, I think the cycle will definitely help you reduce BF. I’m not saying a diet modification isnt in order at 22% BF but supra-physiological levels of test in your system will burn fat. The other issue of concern is that adipose tissue is the primary source of estrogen conversion, so high BF can lead to higher levels of E2. You would need Tamoxifen to help protect against gyno in that case.


I second this. As long as you have a solid training plan and your diet is 100% together you should get good results.

Cut THEN cycle. You’ll thank me later.

This seems…extremely unlikely. If you’re that size then you have an insane amount of muscle on a small frame already.


It’s not just me, My brothers also have almost the same status as mine. people have different genetics.

Can you post some pics? It would help us evaluate. just blur or omit your face.

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I think you’ve over estimated your BF, brother.

You’re 5’5" and 231?


You used an online body fat calculator? That is the only way to get those high numbers that dont take into account actual measurements at the essential points.

Just have your AI on hand and plan your PCT accordingly.

Like @iron_yuppie said, you have a ton of muscle now. A good test only cycle would probably make you explode. I’d run 500 mg Test Eth/week divided in 2 doses for 12 weeks and have Nolvadex on hand for gyno symptoms.

Dude. You are clearly ready for a cycle. You’ve got an excellent body and 500 test will absolutely blow you away. Get bloods, make sure you’re watching your general health (bp, etc) and go have fun.

Not sure if it has been mentioned, but it cant hurt to start off with a baseline blood lab work. See where your numbers are before cycle, then maybe even during and after.