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Should I Squat with Wide Stance

over 50 lifter, i see so many videos of wide stance squats. loiue says go wide only. should i be doing this too?

It’s a viable squat variation, often lets you squat more weight, but there is nothing requiring you to do it if your squat style works for you. It’s nice to change it up now and then.

If you want to dedicate your life to the pursuit of strength, you should listen to Louie.

If you’re over 50, and want to lift for longevity, health, and mobility, you can ignore that crazy old bastard. Westside is not for the average lifter.


Squat in a position that is comfortable and don’t worry about the internet. I am the same age and when I tried to squat wide I ended up straining a muscle in my hip. Maybe those muscles are weak from sitting at a desk for 30 years but it didn’t work for me.

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Wide as in? Shoulder width or way past?

Drop down and do a body weight squat. Get comfortable.

Once you find your comfortable position, that’s what your stance should be with a barbell on your back or front.

Seems to be the easiest way to figure what your stance should be.

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You don’t have to leap into 100% wide squatting, trying to exceed your regular stance numbers, right off the bat.

After your regular stance, “real” squats you could take a bunch of weight off, move your feet out like 3 inches and do some wider stance work. Start light, like you’re doing a totally new lift.

Or if you’re super into Louie’s style you could do your wide stance squats on a box, sitting back back back. If you start with the box a little high it makes it easier on your hip joints.

“Crazy old bastard”! That was funny. I’d be in a wheelchair if they even let me in Westside.