Should I Squat with Bad Hip Mobility

basically i have limited range of motion in my hips because they are so tight. is it worth me squatting even though i cant physically go down as low as normal. will the act of squatting increase my mobility or would be doing more harm than good. i have been training light heartedly for 3 years and want to start getting serious but dont want to be one of the people who while squatting everone else is thinking look at that silly C@@t. my current stats bw 80kg,bench 105kg deadlift 160kg sh press 65kg chin up + 20kg squat fuck knows

How bad is it? I think you could squat as long as it’s not atrocious. I would do it just for the sake of the minor benefits at that point and focus on getting your mobility better.

Oh yea, and fuck what others say. Even when your doing it right and making good progress someone will give you shit probably. I had someone tell me to wear runners and that “knee was passing toe” bullshit.


What does your dynamic warm up look like? If you have no idea where to start, look at DeFranco’s agile 8.

This was posted on Thursday. Probably the best place to start.

P.S. I found both of these links in less than 30s. This is probably less time than it took you to write this post. This is a great website, with endless resources.

I think we should start a thread on hip mobility.
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take a week and do squat-mobility work twice a day, with light exercise before hand to loosen up - eg walk up some hills

i can’t find it but there was an article recently about stretches and things that improve hip mobility and such.

Look at these three places. Deep hip external rotators, hip flexors, and adductors. Tony Gentilcore had an article within the last few months or so that covered all three areas, I’d be willing to be your issue stems from one or more of these places.