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should i shave my head?

i have a long (2 inches) beautiful mane of black hair…but its gettin kinda corny and stuff when im in the gym…that is my mop gets all sweaty and crap (especially when i run)… should i just buzz it the hell off? last time i did that i was a sophomore in high school and some clowns said i looked psychotic haha…how many of yall got your heads shaved? would it be one less distraction at the gym?

screwtape:I buzzed my dome down to the nub
back in August; my only regret is that I hadn’t
done it 10 yrs earlier. I’m currently sporting the
Mark Messier/Bruce Willis look. But Pete, I
definitely have the head for it; you, might not!
(It saves me 15 minutes every morning.)

P.S. Since adopting my new "dew," I have been offered oral sex 9 times; 7 by women... thank God!

i have shaved my head for eight years.

Hair grows back so why the hell not?

I’ve been shaving my head the past couple of weeks. It’s pretty cool, but i miss my hair. From now on, I’m gonna let it grow. BTW, one tip for when you shave your head for the first time using a razor: Make sure you douse your head with some alcohol to close the pores. Otherwise the pores start to puss up and you get all these nasty zits on your head.

Shave your head bro, women love it, one of the best things I ever did. outlaw.

I’ve been Goldberg-like for the past six years.

Actually I shave my head with my Norelco electric razor. Works awesome and no zits. I would like to grow a little beard or something but I cannot :frowning: Shaved head is coo tho…

I buzzed mine down to the lowest setting of my clippers (about 1/8 inch). It’s much better, requires no more gel or combing of the hair, and it fits me well. I started doing it in December. Now, I just buzz it once a week to keep it down. I’m not ready to bring it down to skin (razor), so I’ll keep it like this. And since my hair was thinning, the buzzed look is much better.

Big bump for the shaved head. I shave mine as Nate does with the 1/8" clippers.

Joey: gotta love the ‘Mess’ look! I’ll be there in a few years as my hairline fades a bit more.

2 inches ? thats nothing Mine was down o my mid back when I got tired of it and shaved it off. i now go with the flat top, the shaved head thing makes my head look like a coconut.

Hoser: Mess is my hero; he basically willed my beloved
Rangers to the Cup (in 94) delivering them from 54 years of
embarrassment! Unfortunately, they seem to be embarrassing
themselves again, collecting high-priced malcontents and trying
to buy a Cup. :frowning:

P.S. Hoser, they're at it again: the damn Rangers have just acquired Pavel Bure for a few "top" prospects and a 1st rounder!

Ko…but it’s a cute cocconut…

sorry fellas, i was out back turtlewaxin the dome. good advice here, glad i took it- although for some reason i apparently look younger (didnt think thatd happen)—just joined my local fire department and the chief thought i was 18 (!) hahaha

this is definately illl-economical, low maintenance, and quick as hell showers…and it looksss maddd good;
for the record, i decided to go with the 1/8" like natedogg & hoser…

Damn it, too bad I didn’t check this thread earlier before screwtape went off and shaved his head. If anybody has long hair and is thinking about shaving it, they ought to put the shaved hair in a plastic baggy and give it to your local cancer society. They are always excepting hair donations to make wigs out of for chemotherapy patients. Plus, if anybody asks why you shaved your head, you at least have a noble reason.

Just promise you won’t grow a goatee to go with it. Because then you’d be only a Rottweiler and a V8 car away from being a fake-arse tough guy.

Don’t bet on it. :wink:

You gotta have the facial hair to go with the shaved head. It completes the look, as long as you’re the type of person that looks good with facial hair. I never shave my goatee.

Ok, I’ve been considering shaving my head since…well, since my fucking hair started goddamn falling out. My problem is that my head isn’t exactly round…its kinda long and I’ve got a bit of a bump on the top. How noticeable will this really be? Is it all in my head? Considering I’m gonna lose it all anyway its really a moot point, but right now my opinion is the sooner its all gone the better.

It’s like that Seinfeld episode where Elaine is going out with that guy who used to be a swimmer. He shaves his head but she sees his drivers license & all his hair & she wants him to grow it out, but when he does he freaks out because he’s going bald lol :-)))