Should I Run Test and Clen at the Same Time

Here are my stats…45, 6’3”, 280lbs. In and out of lifting the past 2 yrs. Mostly healthy diet but limited activity due to work. My end goal is to drop body fat and cut. I don’t want to bulk a whole lot. Looking for your thoughts. Thanks all.

Curious what your definitions for “drop body fat” and “cut” are =)

Why the need for AAS to cut?

You’ve also got a good ways to go in leaning out before needing anything like Clen… you’d be better served just staying in a deficit naturally any only adding in Clen when sub-10% BF.
^If you can’t cut natty, there’s no reason to think you can cut enhanced either. Figure it out naturally, do it, then add in compounds if ‘needed’.

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What is your target weight?

I would much prefer to see you lose the extra fat naturally. Clenbuterol is not a free lunch.

I will say that clenbuterol helped me tremendously to drop about 0.5% extra body fat in the final weeks prior to bodybuilding contests. But I never considered using it until I got extremely lean.

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I agree with the other two posts.

Getting lean before using gear is worth it. I don’t think I’d use clen unless competing in bbing. For me it’s not worth stressing the heart for the calories that it burns (about 10 minutes walking on the treadmill at an incline).

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