Should I run Adex during cycle?

So, long story short, I’m 25 and I did a test/dbol cycle (600mg/30mg per week) ~1,5 years ago. It went great, no side-effects and I only used Nolvadex as PCT.

  • As I’m now planning on doing another cycle w/ the same compounds, I got my blood-work done and my Estradiol levels are a bit high (56.4 pg/mL); T levels are within normal range (340 ng/dL); as are my liver enzymes.

  • The thing is, even with this seemingly poor hormonal profile, I feel absolutely great and, although nothing crazy, my libido is pretty normal.


  • Knowing this and knowing that on my previous cycle I did not run any AI, as I didn’t feel it was necessary, would you guys recommend that I run a low dosage of Arimidex throughout my next one just to make sure I don’t get any estrogen-related side effects?

P.S. Although I’m fairly lean now (12-14% bf) I do gain fat very easily around my waist and chest. Which is the main reason why I’m considering running an AI during cycle.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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