Should I Restart My God is a Beast Wave?

I got through the first 3 weeks of God is a Beast well and it was fun then I got sick on my second day of week 4 and it took me almost a month to finish week 4. These are the dates for my week 4 workout…Squatted 12/11/17, Bench Pressed 12/20/17, Deadlifted 12/23/17, and Overhead Pressed 12/30/17. I got sick, got better, got sick, got better, got sick, then got better. I never get sick, but when I do its bad. I was feeling well last Wednesday or Thursday, but I decided to give myself an extra day to feel better. I noticed that I hadn’t squatted in almost a month so last Friday, I did all 4 lifts, but lifted light. Since it had been awhile since I squatted, I decided to work up to a weight that 5 reps of it would equal a calculated max close to my training max. I wanted to make sure my training max was still good especially because week 5 is the week that I squat 1-3 reps at my training max. That went well and then I lifted light just working up to weights that I felt the weight, but wasn’t challenging for the other 3 lifts.

I started week 5 this week and squatted my training max for 3 reps. I was happy that I got all 3 reps in. The last time I lifted that weight, my training max was 90% rather than 85% and squatted it for 5 reps. This week, I felt like I could have squatted between 4-6 reps at my training max, but the last 2 or 3 wouldn’t be pretty.

Next week I am squatting BBS, but the following week, I start the next wave and I am supposed to squat only 5lbs less than what I just squatted, but for 5 reps as my top set on the Spinal Tap sets. Should last Friday’s squats, this week’s squats, and next week’s squats make raising my training max a good call or should I repeat this wave? I did my BBS Bench Press yesterday and that felt fine. I felt like I had really made a big improvement in my technique for the squat before getting sick. I was concerned that I would lose that, but I was happy this week that I had not. Thank you for the help.

When you are sick, your number one goal is getting better. Period.

You seem to focus on your TM a lot. Stop it. The TM has nothing to do with the size of your dick, as Jim has said a few times. Three paragraphs on your TM…

If you start over, do you actually think you will shrink to the size of Pee Wee Herman?

When you have a bump in life, make a decision and stop stressing over useless fluff.

You are partially right, but he also said check your ego at the door and its better to lift lighter weights and make progress than heavier weights and not make progress. I can’t believe you are giving me shit for being concerned about my training max. One reason we have a training max is so we don’t miss the MINIMUM reps. I’m concerned that I will miss the minimum reps in a couple weeks, hence asking if I should repeat this wave. I’m sure other people have been in the same situation I am in. What do they suggest I do?

Not giving you shit. Making you aware of the words you are using.

And now, you are concerned what hasn’t happened yet? You are putting obstacles where there are none. Pushing thru or not is your decision. No one knows how sick you were or where you stand today except you.

That is a good point. I think I will continue everything as planned and if it turns out the weight is too heavy then I will lower the max, but only if I miss reps. Thank you.