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Should I Realistically Take Steroids?

Hi… So for a number of years i have struggled to put muscle on (mainly due to injury and not being able to train properly in certain key exercises like pressing). First of all i am aware it is not at all optimal or completely sensible for someone who hasnt built a foundation yet to be thinking about steroids. However a friend who lifts turned to me the other day and said why dont you try a cycle.

I would just like to ask some people who know what they are talking about whether it is a sensible option if done with a little thought…? I feel that it could help me get those extra pounds that im looking for with a little less struggle due to some of the injurys i have that i need to work around… dont know if what im saying is correct or makes legitimate sense to you… any insight would be great. thanks

Presented without comment.


Irrelevant… I wasn’t condemning any individuals for taking steroids. At what point did i say people shouldn’t take steroids? I said it wouldnt be humanly possible for him to lift that weight (plus a shit load of effort) without some usage.

I should add that, over about a year and a half on this site, probably 95% of your thread participation has been one of two things:

  1. Complaining about injury problems
  2. Dicking around between different beginner training programs

Please outline exactly what you have done for training within the last month.
Please also tell us exactly what you have eaten for the last, say, three days.

I surmise that the answer to your lack of progress will reside there.


Oh i see! trying to find a solution to legitimate issues with my body that greatly affects my training or any attempt to do so. The fact that i am still here after that amount of time trying to work something out is testament to my will. ok mate?

I dont mean to be disrespectful but im struggling here man… despite all my attempts to work around my problems.

So you understand that the fact you’ve made zero progress naturally may mean you are not ready for steroids, but a friend sheepishly suggested it to you so for that reason alone you think its time?

You come to this site and you can’t follow simple advice like EAT MORE, and TRAIN HARD. But now you want us to help you put potentially dangerous drugs into your body. Lol.


Let’s try this again.

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Yeah bro… you didnt read it all in detail did you?

Tried 531… cant… Too much pain. Can squat and do shitty light weights on the cable machine for upper body. Not going to help me get where i want to be really is it?

Yeah I did bro. Just about everyone I know who trains seriously has gotten big and strong around some kind of injury. There are several on this site.

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With two fucked wrists? show me please

Do you plan on competing in anything?If not what’s your motive?

@T3hPwnisher trained pretty damn hard last year within a few days of a major reconstructive knee surgery, and was back to pulling 500+ pounds within weeks of getting the all-clear to lift. You might check out his log. It cannot give you specific advice on how to work around bad wrists, but it illustrates how one can take a creative approach to working hard even with severe injuries.

This is part of your problem, though.

If you can’t train effectively, how do you think steroids are going to help you?

You need to figure out some solution to training before you consider steroids.

This is 100% spot-on, even though it isn’t what you want to hear. Sorry. Life is hard. Taking steroids will not be much help if you aren’t willing to correct your diet and training. Speaking of which…

I’m waiting.

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Steroids will not unfuck your wrists. They will fuck up your life if you are an idiot.


Good question. I think just to feel what its like to be well muscled and strong before i die. Im approaching 30 so its not going to be getting any easier from here.

Fair point? is there not a difference between realistic usage and abuse though? Im not suggesting for one minute its 100 percent safe.

Feeling muscled and strong will have an impact on your wallet,probably your health and force you to be more dedicated to training that you might be willing to be though

At the end of the day,it’s your choice,but consider all the factors that come into play


What I told you man. Squats and cable machine work.

Thats all I can do mate