Should I Quit Doing ICF 5x5? Goal is Mass

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I see a massive amount of shit quality carbs, very few quality fats and absolutely no fruit or veg.

I think learning the basics of cookery would go a long way to help you reach your goals. This is not as difficult as it sounds, try the thread below for some ideas:

Disclaimer: Almost all of the guys on this thread are significantly bigger and stronger than you, many of them are not worrying about their physique or bodyfat levels. This being said it would be best to use this as a way of getting ideas for meals rather than a full on guide on how to eat.[/quote]

That link is just more confusing, a few samples from the thread:

Breakfast - 2 cups Oatmeal, Ham and cheese on Toast, whey Protein Shake.
Post Flag Football game - whey Protein Shake.
Lunch - 275g Brown Rice, 250g Sweet Potato, 250g Chicken Breast, 2 tbsp humus.
Late Lunch - 175g Sirloin Steak, 250g Brown Rice, Broccoli
Dinner - 2 Slices Meatball Pizza with additional 80g chicken breast. Mushroom slice
Late Snack - 450g Greek Yogurt, 2 scoops whey

-2 slices of pizza


4 eggs
4 strips bacon
Porridge with chicken slices


Big Mac Meal

Breakfast -8:00am
6 eggs, 6 egg whites
1 cup oatmeal
1 banana
16oz 1% Milk

Lunch- 12:00pm
12oz of Flank Steak
1/2 cup Jasmin rice
1tbsp olive oil

Meal 3-
12oz of chicken
2 sweet potatoes

12oz of Tuna
4 slices whole grain bread
16oz 1% Milk
Little Mayo for Tuna

Before Bed-
16oz of Cottage Cheese

Note zero fruit/veg apart from asaparagus and a banana, i have bananas too.

serving bowl full of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with skim milk

6 eggs

1lb of sirloin tip steak

6 more eggs

12 fish oil
1 bag of Wonka Giant Chewy Nerds

2786 calories
227g protein
190g carbs
118g fat

Note junk cereal, sugary sweets and NO fruit or veg

This is all on one page. Id say about 80% of posts on that thread contain zero or minimal fruit or veg and a lot contain, ‘shit carb sources’[/quote]

Note the disclaimer at the bottom, I didn’t post this as an example of how to eat, but as a source of ideas for more nutrient dense “real” foods. Looking back, this may have been a mistake so I’ll just repeat my main point which is that I think the quality of your food should increase by eating more veg and less processed carbs.

I would also add that it is important to remember that with the best will in the world, neither me nor you are performing at the same level as Th3Pwnisher or FlipCollar and it doesn’t follow that because they can “get away” with cheerios or pop tarts for breakfast, that we can.