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Should I Pursue a Personal Trainer Cert?

Hey the reason I’m asking as to whether or not I should pursue a personal trainer cert. like those offered by ACE,NASM etc…is because I am currently an Exercise Science Student entering my sophomore year this coming Fall and I thought to that just maybe I could get an ace cert. for example and possibly work as a trainer on my free time while going to school full time.

The other debate I’m having is If I just wait until I graduate and than take a cert. exam I will be more prepared and probably not waste as much money on things like textbooks offered through the cert. agencies and be better qualified to work at gyms like in my area the big commercial gyms like New York Sports Club etc…Instead of being that guy who only has the cert. without the college degree.

Anyone’s 2 cents would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Although I don’t If there was any other place where I should of posted this. Mods feel free to move this to appropriate forum thanks.