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Should I Pull It Out Myself?


Hi Everyone - I have a dental query:

Has anyone had a baby tooth removed as an adult?

And if so, did you:

a) get it extracted and were put to sleep

b) get it extracted with just the use of local anesthesia

c) knock it out yourself

The reason I ask is because one of my baby teeth (I have two with no big teeth under them) needs to come out. I've never had to get any work done on my teeth so I have no idea about extractions except that they are painful (I was also born without wisdom teeth too so I never needed to get those out).

Since this is a baby tooth with no roots (and a gap underneath it, thus the reason it needs to be removed) - I wonder what's the easiest, most painless and most time efficient way to get this tooth removed. I do have dental insurance, but I was thinking that a swift elbow to the tooth might take care of this silly inconvenience just as well as a few hours at the dentist...

Any thoughts, advisement much appreciated.

Thank you!


I still have one of my baby teeth, also. The dentist was amazed.

You do know we're ALL born without wisdom teeth, right? You're just fucking around with that, right?


you are bad-ass, Maschy.

I wouldn't think of pulling out my own tooth.

damn, girl.


Should you pull it out yourself? Wow Masch, you didn't think that one through did ya?

You said your tooth needs to come out, but is it loose and ready to come out, or what's your reason?


Really?! We're special :slight_smile:

Lol! Um...yeah, I was just messing wit ya...

Ink, yeah, the tooth is a bit wiggly - that's why i thought why not just take the sucker out meself! Like when I was kid.


Stop picking on me, you! :smiley:

Whatever, I saw the x-ray, there's a pocket under the tooth collecting all sorts of crap, but the tooth is technically still in my gums...ugh! whatever.


Keep wiggling it until you can pull it yourself..... imo, anyway.

Then, expect a visit from the Tooth Fairy!! YAY!!!


I have two empty spaces in my mouth were there was never any adult teeth under the baby ones. Luckily they aren't visible when i smile. Mine were pulled out when I was in junior high before I got braces. If i remember correctly they didn't come out easy and were in pieces once it was done. I say just get some novacain and have them yank that fucker out. Problem is, tooth implants are fucking expensive and typically not covered by insurance.


I came to this thread expecting it to be about penis...

Oops, I mean sex, yeah, consensual heterosexual sex. That's it.


take it out jackass 3 style. Find a friend with a lambo, tie your tooth to the back bumper with a long string, they'll be going about 80mph when they run out of string.

or, you could take a shot of vodka and then pull it out. lol.


You can keep messing with it until it gets too painful or it comes out.

Have garlic with your vodka as an antibiotic to go with the pain relief.

How soon do you have to get it out?

There is a chance it could get messy so you will have to be prepared for that.


God, when it comes to masch, i'd never pull out






I had a baby tooth (upper jaw) until a few years ago. As I aged it became so small and began to yellow in color, so I had an orthodontist look at it with options. I also had an overbite along with a couple of slight "fangs".

Anyway, we determined that I should have the baby tooth extracted, and because I'm so old, the adult tooth underneath would have to be brought down into place with a ligature (Instead of waiting for it to come in on its own like when we were kids)). So off I went to an oral surgeon. He locally anesthetized my gum, extracted the baby tooth, and attached an appliance to the tip of the adult tooth so an orthodontist could attach a ligature to it later.

Then I went to the orthodontist who applied braces to all my teeth, attached a ligature to the adult tooth in my gum, and connected it to the wire going across my uppers. It took a long time to get that damn adult tooth to come down (over a year), but it finally did and after wearing those braces for 5 years, I now have really nice teeth, and a good bite.


if there are no roots, how the hell is it staying in there?


^ you left out, that those braces made you...

Fucking Sexy as hell!!!!

that's right,

they were all thinking it, I had the stones to say it.


If you were in Masch's mouth, would you want to leave?


Yea, you pull this out and put it in your mouth. You're bound to knock a few teeth out.


Oh yeah, the implant is a whole another issue. Fucking insurance.

But more importantly, i see it wasn't a clean removal...hm...that's sounds gross and scary. Duly noted.


I was actually thinking along these lines - but instead of my friend's lambo it was my landlords daughter on her 10 speed. She's fast!