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Should I Order or Buy Directly?


Which would be a better idea risk-wise?

A. Buying from the guys at the gym that are obviously roiding, the 300 lb football player biker reject types after I get to know them


B. Buying from some underground lab, to be sent to either my house or preferrrably, an empty house that I can check daily.

Could somebody give a n00b a quick discussion of which will have a better chance of keeping me out of jail?

***Note to mods- I did not discuss nor ask for a specific source of steroids so I'm keeping w/ da ettiquette around here, peace ****


What your asking for is trust.

Well do you trust the guys at your gym? More then you trust your postal carrier?

And another note just cause someone is big doesn't mean they are rejects. Just cause they are different from you also doesn't make them someone you should run from. Just make sure you know your facts when it comes to AAS.

Let me give you an example. There is this big huge power lifter at my gym. He is massive even for around here. Yet when you speak with him he is highly intelligent and knows his stuff on various subjects. Including motor bikes and fast cars to renovating houses. And he looks like the shaved headed biker type.

You know what this guy does for a living? He is a premiere Microsoft Enterprise Database support team Manager. Not what you would expect from a muscle head or nerd.

So the moral is don't judge a book by its cover.


I see.

But what about the risks of ordering? As to whether or not my postal carrier will just look in my package, I doubt it. But cops will put drug dogs at mail distribution places for people that send drugs. Do cops "care" enough about steroids to do a stakeout and wait for someone to pick up a box at somebody's empty house?

What are the chances of the police coming to my door if I just order it to my home?


my 2 cents,i have ordered,got one didnt get the next.Since then i have found better sites.The advice i will give you is if you order try and get satchels they are discreet and dont set off any customs alarms so to speak.

second i know of guys at my gym on the sauce but i dont want to take the time to ease into the subject of juice as some guys get fucking hot at the mere mention of it.

do lots of research and know what your talking about so if you do talk with someone about it you know what your talking about.


Not sure what your risks are legal wise. Maybe if you gave your country people would pipe up and let you know.


well, ordering illegal drugs sent to my home can't come without its risks, can it? I can't just order weed to my house right?


Not sure what your risks are legal wise. Maybe if you gave your country people would pipe up and let you know.


It is easier than you think. There is simply too much illegal stuff going on at any give time in any given country to be able to stop it all.


oh ok , I live in the US, east TX

Edit: I can see why that wasn't obvious now.


I don't juice or anything, but as a general rule you won't have any problem with the cops when it comes to ordering contraband by mail. Customs maybe, but not the police. All customs will do is send you a letter informing you that your stuff was confiscated. That isn't proof that you ordered it, just that someone sent it to you. So basically you're okay from a legal standpoint.

Now if the Feds somehow were able to obtain the records of a lab and were able to prove that stuff was ordered from you IP address or something, you might have a problem. But I think the chances of that happening are quite slim.


So, nobody on this forum has had to deal w/ the police for ordering steroids? Is it really that simple/safe?


No one is invincible, but the probability of getting in trouble for ordering personal gear is pretty low. When you start ordering gear to deal locally, you're swimming with bigger sharks.


lumbernac...sent you a message with some info


From what I know, ordering online is pretty simple and low risk. Try to do some research on your ordering site. Many have years of positive customer feedback.


got it, thanks!


The bigger risk is getting bunk gear, or not receiving the gear at all.


I like the empty house idea, if you know of one where the mailman will actually make the drop.


Honastly, Go talk to a highschool/college football coach.


i just ordered and got it sent directly to my apt....you can always get a po box at the post office too...


I'd never buy from some guy locally. He's likely charging 3-5X what you should pay, because he KNOWS he can. I see guys paying triple digits for 10ML of test, and laugh. If you know where to shop, you can't go wrong with ordering through a trusted source.

Contrary to the info that floats around most internet forums these days, ORD did NOT shut down all the domestics. Still tons of them, and still tons of legit sources. Customs is also a joke, if you're working with a source who knows their shit. I prefer domestics though for gear at least.