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Should I or Shouldn't I Use?

Hey everyone - first I want to say this is a great site and I appreciate all of the useful advice you’ve given to the T-Nation masses. Now I’m hoping for some of my own.

First I’ll start with a brief history: I’m 34 years old, 175 .lbs with 10% bodyfat. Back in my 20’s, I followed a pretty efficient ‘powerlifting style’ of training (i.e. heavy deads, squats and bench) and was able to reach a weight of 232 at 14% bodyfat. Then comes the wife…and the kids…and no gym for a few years (sorry excuse I know, but hell, fat dumb and happy does have its benefits!) Anyway, needless to say, my 32 inch waist became 38 and I looked similar to the Michelin Man. To make a long story a little longer…got sick of the fat (plus my cholesterol and bp were on their way up) so I decided to slim down. I’ve always had a good knowledge of nutrition and training, so I was able to lose the weight somewhat easily.

Here’s my dillema - I’m fairly happy at the weight I am now, looking more like a men’s health model than a powerlifting USA dude, but of course there is always a need for improvement. My goal is to lose 6 .lbs of fat and gain 10 .lbs of muscle. Not too much to ask, I suppose, and I know it could be done in the next year or two, but I would like to see if there is anyway of getting some faster results.

I read your article on Turanabol and I was thinking about doing a 6 week cycle to see if I could get there any faster - nothing too extreme, maybe 20 mg/day for 6 weeks. (I’ve never used before) Would this be sufficient for the 10 .lb gain? Not too worried about the fat loss, I’ve gotten down to 7% with some hard work and dieting, but I would really like that 10 .lbs of lean mass…like tomorrow. Any suggestions would be helpful.

And BTW, yes I know that sensible training and diet is the ‘best’ way to go, but that’s not the response I’m looking for…just some honest advice from the experts!

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I would suggest you see how close you can get to your goal without AAS. If you have recently lost weight, you should bulk up rather quickly, especially with your experience and past.

Just my $.02.