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Should I Offset Weight Loss After Surgery?

Last week, I got a surgery (Laparoscopic pyeloplasty and only got out of the hospital on Tuesday. My appetite and digestion were shot and I ended up loosing about 3lbs, which puts me in the moderately underweight category (84lbs at 5’0).

Under normal circumstances, I’d definitely up my calories to gain the weight back, but due to the surgery, I can’t train for at least 2 months (only walking, light cardio (low impact) and bodyweight), so my TDEE is pretty low anyways. Also, my kidney function is impaired so I can’t eat a high protein diet.

Under these circumstances, should I conciously try to eat more or should I just keep my pre- surgery diet?

What are your doctors’ thoughts on your weight?

They think I’m on the thin side but haven’t suggested I actually try to gain weight. They also haven’t weighed me or know/care about my previous fitness. My parents also don’t really understand nutrition and basically “let me be” as long as I “eat starch”. They won’t let me track macros though because they think it’s “eating disorder behavior”.