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Should I Move to the Outback?


Hi friends!

For the past 3 years I have been commuting by plane to a country town for work for 2 days a week. The work there is getting hectic and they want me to relocate full time. I currently live in a city, which is a 4 hour drive or 1 hour flight to this town.

Question is; should I move?

-a new start, things have been stale, I feel I need a change
-work should be busy and financially rewarding, i should have more say in my work timetable etc
-less travel time, working only from one office instead of 4, will have more spare time
-join a new soccer team and make new friends, have more time to train in the gym and on the field
-quieter lifestyle, no traffic, relax a bit
-country girls are cute

-Quiet town, bordom may occur
-Have to quit my current soccer team, have some awesome friends, although we have been together as a team for 4 years, and things are falling apart
-Gym in county town is crap... Ill have to make a home gym.
-less access too things, medical, shops etc
-move away from family
-lots of commuting, ill be visiting home every 3rd week or so, and that is a 4 hour drive
-less opportunity to do things such as further study etc
-ill miss city girls.

You advice/thoughts will be appreciated.






since you are apparently not grown up enough to make your own decisions I will make this one for you. Move to the country, hopefully the internet access is limited. you're welcome.




..and all the Bloomin' Onions ya can eat!



I prefer their Prime Rib, with horseradish not the sauce just straight horseradish.

Do they let you like live in the freezer OP or maybe the bathroom?


If you're moving to the Outback, please be sure to obtain ALL your survivalist info from Bear Grylls.

See you next year.


Move ... stop being a pansy


small town Australia is my idea of a nightmare. I lived there for 4 months and hated it on a daily basis. I would not live there if you doubled my salary and promised me a steady stream of nubile blondes to use as I see fit.


x 2


its only 4 hours away....


Making a fucking list
Out weigh the cons with the pros (of moving there)
What have you got to lose give it a shot, you never know you might just like it


I'm sorry....double salary, steady hot pussy.

Throw in some good whiskey, and what exactly the fuck else do you need?


Well, you have to balance that with the fact that you will be surrounded by illiterate meth addicts and alcoholics, most of whom have never been further then 2 hours from their town in their life. I and all of the other outsiders that I knew would constantly get shouted at and told to fuck off, because of not being from the town. Seriously, most of the population of the town I was in was made up of drug addicts, ex-cons and people with seriously low IQs. They move to rural outback areas because they can work in farming and no one asks questions.

The worst thing though, and I mean ABSOLUTE WORST THING was the country music, and no I do not mean US country music. I mean Ozzie country music. It is honestly the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. I wished myself deaf on more then one occasion during the time I was there.


Thanks for all the uselful advice buddies!

In leaning towards the side of going... only really downside I think is to leave my current soccer team, but as I said the team isnt doing too well, and I think a change will be good motivation to get me playing like a legend again.

Wow! What town did you live in? The town Ill be moving to has a population of 35,000. There are a few drug addicts hanging around, although I dont plan to get involved with them obviously. I suppose you prefer the city lifestyle. Im looking foward towards the whole no traffic thing.

And yes.. the town does have internet access!! Yeahhh buddy!!!!!!

Feel free to help me make a list of things I will need to purchase/take with me;

squat rack and weights
adjustable dBs
coffee machine
omlette maker




A few weeks of uninterrupted birdsong would be just the ticket to shake the locals out of their malaise...


Exactly what town are you thinking of moving to?

You have to understand if we are talking about a mining town a la Gladstone, Karratha, Port Hedland, Mackay you can expect to be paying out your ass in rent. Having spent time in a remote mining town, it sucks balls. Nothing to do and personally I feel the people are more arrogant and stupid than my southern comrades (I'm from VIC).


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How outback is outback?

What town, care to enlighten us?