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Should I Move Out?


So I am looking for some advice on whether I should move out or not. My friends are moving into a new place and are looking for a third roommate. I am a 24 year old second year student currently living at home studying kinesiology at my local college, I have a 4.00 (on a 4.33 gpa scale) and I am doing well academically. I still find school pretty stressful and difficult to keep up with but I feel as if I am starting to get into a grove a bit more academically. Why I want to move out is so that I can have a bit of a better social life, not just just to get laid, but hanging out with friends without my parents over my shoulder. I also think it would help my build a little bit more independence a become more of my own man.

The main factor blocking my is that I am doing a full course load and I need extra circulars such as volunteer time to build up my resume. If i moved out I need to work a minimum of 15 hours a week and I would need to cut into my savings to a moderate degree. As well I also I am transferring next year because my college only offers a 2-year diploma, so my gpa has to stay at 3.7 (on a 4.33 gpa scale A-) so that I can keep my options open for transferring. I am moving out next year anyways because I am transferring and moving away from home

I want to move out be more independent be able to party a bit more and bring girls back to the crib but at the same time I have to take care of school and extra circulars. I need to make the decision within the next couple days and it’s hard both sides seem good

If I stay home, I have stability it guarantees that I do well academically because I’ll have a lot more time. I also get to save a lot of money. On the downside, I am less independent, I feel as if it makes me a little soft and it definitely doesn’t help in the dating department

Thoughts Anyone?


Where do you live?

I did this. Moved out at 23. Didn’t have a choice as the girlfriend (now wife) was pregnant. My advice: don’t fucking do it. Stay home, save your money for a down payment on a home. Renting is a fucking black hole.


Move out. If you have to split bills and have roommates, do it. If you need more cash, work more. You can keep the grades up and not live with your parents but it will just take more work. In the long run you will be happy you did and you will learn a lot. (Just the opinion of a random guy on a lifting forum.)


To me this answers your question.

Living at home at 24 years old is no fun but you’ve only got one more year of it before you are moving out anyway so I say take the sure route that better guarantees you don’t screw up you plans.

My guess is the appeal of a couple of pals to live with and the associated life style will win you over and you will move out. If so, stay focused and don’t give into the temptation to hang out and party when you need to be studying.


For crying out loud stay home, unless your banging 20 girls, threesomes, etc . You have thosr grades try studying when you freinds are r partying or eat all your food . You’ll have time to train more, study more, dont blow it and you won’t get laid much more living with your boys , maybe less. Meet some smart beautiful girl take her home , and your boys got some trashy girl waiting for you , or you go to have sex and some stole all your (jimmy hats). Save the money and of need you want to party with some smoke show get crazy you’ll have money for hotel and cab, and they got to go home in morning . I am not saying your buddies will have some kind of animal house going but I’ve seen this a million times.


move out. Jesus christ, you’re 24! You should have moved out 6 years ago.


I faced a similar situation to yourself, and I chose to stay at home.

I vote for “stay at home”. Get yourself into a comfortable financial position early on. Moving out will likely only set you back a year or 2. Sure you might miss out on serious partying and maybe a thressome or two, but you have still plenty of time in your prime.

Once you do move out and are in a much better financial position you be singing to the tune of: “with the riches come the bitches”.

Uncle Bird.



I moved out at 20, wish I hadn’t. At that age, it really set me back financially. I also took 6 years to get my Bachelor’s degree, because I had to work so much to afford not living at home, I just couldn’t take 5 or 6 classes at a time.

If I could do it again, I would’ve finished school living at home, working minimally and saving everything I could. Maybe even only work seasonally. I would however, move out as soon as I graduated. I’ll argue the above point about renting being a black hole - it’s highly situational. I bought a house young and regret it (no longer have the house or the wife I bought it with haha). The point is, renting can be a great way to have independence without being tied to a mortgage. Can you say that you’ll be in the same place for at least 10 years? I can’t, so I’m fine with renting for a while. If you’re the opposite, go for it, it does make sense if you will be around for a long time.

I have derailed…but I think I’ve made my position clear lol


What’d you do from HS graduation to last year?

Grow some balls and do something with your life. 24, with one year of college experience, haven’t ever moved out and you posted your GPA. You sound like a candidate for the 40 year old virgin sequel.


Move out now!

1/3 of rent is do-able.

24 is late to begin to build independence. You need to jump into the deep end! Most of your friends will be starting careers getting married soon. Time to kick it with your bros while you still can. Otherwise, you’re going to be almost 30, out for the first time, figuring shit out all alone.

You can still go to mom’s house for peace and quiet and food. If you move out, your parents may even increase your allowance.


You waited this long you might as well just wait until next year.

Also, no employer cares if you do extracurricular activities.


No job, no bills equals no credit. You have to establish a good reputation to get a loan to buy a house or car.

No job experience and You live at home? What are you going to talk about in your job interviews? What’s on your resume?

If you want to be an independent man, go live with 2 other independent men!

New house means house warming party blow out! You could be getting puss the 1st weekend!


I’m not surprised that you’re getting some flack here of the “Jesus, you’re 24, what are you doing with your life!” but I also don’t think that one more year at home is the worst thing in the world given the circumstances you described. I actually think it makes a lot of sense to live at home for this “one more year” and keep yourself above water financially, knowing that you will be moving on next year when you transfer schools anyway. Study hard, save your cash, and get ready for next year.

As for the 40-year-old virgin jokes, I mean…I wouldn’t worry about that much. You have a deadline already set for moving out anyway. This isn’t some guy who’s still going to be in the basement a decade from now, guys, he’s already got a drop-dead move-out date when he transfers schools next year.

I was living on my own from 18 onwards, albeit with parents’ financial support through college graduation at 21 and the occasional generous gift as I worked my way through graduate school. Same story for my wife (I’m 30 now, just got married this year).

My sister-in-law moved home and lived at home for her first couple of years after college. The money she banked by living at home meant that she and her then-boyfriend (now husband) could buy a house by their mid-20’s.

I wouldn’t do anything differently - life has worked out - but it’s just something to think about.


Ya, as long as you’re not being an idiot and actually saving money while you’re in a position to do so then I don’t think it’s a problem for another year. If you want to bang randoms just get a hotel room.

I moved out at 18. It doesn’t magically make you a man.


This is the dry run. If it doesn’t work out, you just move back home. Nothing is disrupted.

Next year, out for the first time, New school, New town, totally by yourself. If it doesn’t work out, you have to leave school to come home.


Stay home until at least your senior year. Your job is getting good grades and if you can save up some money now, you will be light years ahead of your peers.

So many people start off their lives in a hole that they don’t get out of until 40 (if ever).

The fact that I lived with my relatives in law school saved me from any kind of debt, so I was free to make investments later, that really paid off.

What’s the saying? Acquire currency. Disregard females.


Probably harsher than should of been, but I see it this way.

0 – 24 - you wasted a lot of time
24 – 26 time to make up for it

Before I’m nice have to address this:

No one gives a shit about volunteer work, as someone else said. If you were 16, looking for your first job, this would be relevant. Also, a full course load? work 15 hours? Jesus man, do you know how many people work full time, have families and take a full load, all while paying for their home/kids?

Financially, it makes sense to stay at home; if you do, be a man about it. I’m a complete anomaly as far as how I did things and the order. Whereas, my brother, on the other hand, just got his license at 21, moved out of state for school, and is having a very difficult time managing his life. Our parents paid for everything of his, cell phone, food, going out to eat, gas (when he got his license), his clothes, EVERYTHING. If you are going to live at home, take responsibility for your bills, clean up after yourself, etc.


:grin: Channeling my inner Peter Griffin.


Whether you wasted time or not up until now is water under the bridge. If you are 24 and not done with college yet, it is now time to pay your “dues” on whatever you’ve been doing for the last 6 years, and buckle down and live with your parents until you graduate. College CAN be very important depending on how you play your cards after graduation, and the immediate perk or “being your own man” or whatever “rah rah” BS people are feeding you as an excuse to move out is short sighted considering the long term impact of how the rest of your college career may finish up if you choose to needlessly move out now. There will always be someone giving you crap about living with your parents for too long, and the correct response usually is to take the high road and keep your mouth shut. Feel sorry for them, because they probably could have used help like that when they were your age and it wasn’t an option due to their family situation or life decisions. We all start with nothing, be smart so you don’t end up back there.


Hey so I am going to make the decision tomorrow on whether or not I move out. Most of you have made good points and I appreciate the advice. Thanks. Fill free to keep dishing it out I can take it. Just a quick things about myself and situation to make it easier to give advice.

-Volunteer hours specific to my field kinesiology so in physio clinics and high performance training centers are very important for my program, they are a requirement for many masters programs (just thinking ahead)

-I have lived away from home before

-I definitely want to take the steps to live as kick ass life as possible, I have done other things after high school (graduated 2011) a different major, played college/university sports, did a trade job for a year but that’s all behind me. I am more interested in what you guys believe are the best decisions based on my current circumstances

-I have enough money to move out so I am not going into debt plus there is quite a few high paying student jobs in the summer that I could potentially get.

Keep the advice rolling!