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Should I Move On to a Beginner Program?

I’ve been working out consistently for 16 months—doing exclusively body part splits, changing it up every 6-8 weeks (sometimes earlier when I got unbearably bored of the routine I was doing).

The programs I’ve done were all found on website such as T-Nation, Muscle and Strength, Bodybuilding, etc; i.e. I didn’t designed any of them.

I’ve seen very noticeable gains, but I was told fairly recently by a number of people on Bodybuilding.com forums that I am still a novice trainee and that I should take advantage of beginner routines.

I wanted to get your opinion on a) whether I am still a newbie and able to make solid gains on beginner routines and b) which routine do you think I should start with.

My stats:
26, male, 1.73m and 75kg

Squat: 110kg x 1
Bench: 70kg x 1
Dead: 100kg x 1
Military Press: 50kg x 5

I’m inclined to try out PHUL or Generic Bulking Routine, but given you guys are more experienced than me, your opinion is highly valued and appreciated.

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