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Should I Make Any Adjustments to My TRT Protocol?

Hey guys, currently taking 125mg of Test E a week for 6 weeks (in two shots every 3.5 days). I’m on my own here so it’s all a guessing game. I took my labs 6 hours after my last shot, I should probably note that my SHBG was always low-ish (8-20) so I probably needed another test on the last day but my doctor wasn’t that agreeable.


  • Total T: 7.2 (12-31.9nmol/L)
  • Free T: 167 (260-740 (pmol/L)
  • Sensitive Estradiol: 58 (50-150)
  • DHEA-S: 8.7 (3-10.5)
  • LH: 5
  • FSH: 2


  • Total T: 22
  • Free T: 690
  • DHEA: 8.8
  • Sensitive Estradiol: 94 (or 25.6pg/ml)
  • DHEA: 8.8
  • LH/FSH: 0

I’m thinking if I should increase dosage, add in arimidex or hcg. I feel okayish, not high energy or anything, but then again my levels are in the average zone. Thank you for reading and any advice is highly appreciated

Some personal info and more lab work would be helpful. Do you want kids? Do you care if your balls shrink? Right now your numbers look pretty good. Your FT and E2 are very good. So get us a cbc, chemistries, and thyroid labs and tell us much more about you.

Yeah I would not increase your dosage. You are in the upper range of normal and past that you will be cycling testosterone at anabolic levels. Sometimes it takes awhile to feel better and other times your cause of poor well being isn’t your T at all. Could be mental health or thyroid.