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Should I Lower the Weight or the Volume?

Hi guys,
I been lifting for about 6 months now after stopping for 2+ years. I get to the point where my workouts (Full body - 4 day spit) are taking me around an hour and a half to complete them due to the time I need to rest between sets.

Any suggestions of what I can do if I want to reduce the time to no more than 1 hour without stepping back on my progress?
Should I reduce the weight so I don’t need long periods of rest between sets or reducing the volume will be better solution? Or maybe something else, please advise!

My workout volume is programmed in 4 week blocks, I recalculate the weight every 4 weeks from the results of my 5RM/3RM.

Week one - 720 total reps
Week two - 864 total reps
Week three - 936 total reps
Week four - Test my 5RM or 3RM

In advance thank you,


What is your split/set/rep scheme? What are your stats and goals? Total reps do not give much information.

Below is a link to my workout program, the last two columns is the weight.
Most of the program is around sets of 6 or 12 reps.
My goals is to gain muscle and to look like I workout and not like a skinny fat…

stop doing full body

What split did you suggest?

Just do this…