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Should I Lose More Weight?

Thanks mate!

Thanks. I have been thinking of scaling things back, so will definitely keep this in mind.

That’s cool then. Body weight exercise is less taxing than free weights. Makes it easier to understand 6 full body workouts a week.

Isn’t this something you need to workout for yourself?? You have made some progress, so now it’s time to pick a goal and work hard towards it.

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They entirely depends on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

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I’ve found bench press, bent over rows and loaded squats take more out of you than press ups, pull ups and body weight squats done with the same effort.

I can work up to my max press ups every day and still see progress.

Checking in again.

Starting 1June, I switched to a dumbbell based muscle building routine. 5x weekly workouts, with off days on Thursday and Sunday. Routine can be found on Muscle & Strength, just search for 5 day dumbbell workout.

For cardio, I maintained a daily 10k step count, usually in one go in the evening. Starting last week, I began cycling. Now doing 10k on all the workout days, and inching towards 20k on the off days.

Food intake is still the same - 2000 calories, give or take, and trying to max out on the protein intake (regularly around 130-140g per day).

Weight is down to 68.7 kgs, waist another cm, biceps and chest largely the same.

I do feel I’m recomping better now, but let me know what you think as an objective viewer. Also, any red flags regarding the routine?



Progress looks pretty good! Do try to up the weights as its pretty crucial, and also try hitting 150gm protein a day. Cardio wise, im not sure if too many things will help, would suggest something like a quick HIIT .

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Another month down!

Maintained my weight, typically hovered between 68-70kgs throughout. Definitely noticed some improvement around my chest, and the stomach area is a bit less loose - but saggy still.

I gradually ramped up my cycling, which I did 6x weekly, totalling to 200+ km last two weeks. Also did hour long walks most evenings, and 5x weekly dumbbell workouts as linked earlier.

Now I’m slowly dropping off the walking in favour of the biking and thinking of trialling a 5x weekly both cycling (200+Kms through the week) and dumbbell workouts. Hopefully gyms will reopen here from next month and I can start off on heavy lifting again.


I am genuinely impressed.

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Checking back in!

After my last post, the gyms reopened. I rejoined on 17 Aug 2020, and got in touch with a trainer who has been working closely with me since. We’re currently able to workout 5 mornings a week, weight training on 3 and focusing on crossfit / HIIT on the other 2. The remaining 2 days are pure rest.

My weight has dropped a bit, from 69.4 kg on 17 Aug to 67.6 kg today, and generally shifted from the 69 kg average to the 68 kg average mark. In terms of measurements, my waist and hips have dropped an inch while the chest has gained one inch. The biceps are pretty much the same.

So far, its taken me a bit of an effort to get back to heavier weights, but things are improving with each session. This week’s highs were:
45 kg flat bench chest press
35 kg standing barbell shoulder press
50 kg squat (full)
95 kg leg press

  • all at one full set of 8 reps
    While I have lifted heavier in the past, I wasn’t working with a trainer then and my form was terribly off. These were performed with strict posture correction, and felt like real achievements, even if they are very humble. My cardio performance, though, has improved vastly with all the practice I got through the lockdowns here - treadmill running feels remarkably easy now.

As always, advice is welcome! To recap, my current goal is to tone out the stubborn fat hanging below my stomach and off the sides off my chest, and build a defined chest. Abs would be great as well, obviously, but even a flat stomach would be brilliant.


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I would suggest at the most maintaining your current weight at least for awhlie.


I agree with @bulldog9899, you are lean. This is just lose skin from when you were a fatty. You should indeed at least maintain, or be in a slight surplus, and focus on building muscle mass. This is what will make your skin look better. Trust me, I’ve been there.