Should I Lift More Often On TRT? 3 Days Full Body to 6 Day Split?

Hey guys,

So a couple of months ago I started trt and progress has been ok.

My doc has just bumped me up from 125mg test e per week to 200mg test e per week.

I’ve also just got myself an adjustable bench with preacher curl attachment and 160kg of plates along with a barbell, ez curl bar, hammer curl bar and dumbbells.

I’ve found a decent workout I can do at home with the bench but it will take me from 3 days per week full body to a 6 day per week plan.

It would go…

Day 1) Chest, back, abs
Day 2) Arms, forearms, shoulders, abs
Day 3) Legs, lower back, abs
Day 4) Chest, back, abs
Day 5) Arms, forearms, shoulders, abs
Day 6) Legs, lower back, abs
Day 7) Rest

There are between 10 and 13 exercises per day (2 of them being abs) with some slight variation between the two days targeting the same body parts and I can do everything on them with the equipment I have at home.

It’s heavy lifting with 2 minute rests and with the exercises and rest the estimated workout duration for each day runs between 112 minutes and 172 minutes.

Do you think switching to something like this would be beneficial especially since I’ve had a fairly decent bump in my trt dosage?

Thanks in advance.

Train like you would if you had normal healthy levels.


This is exactly the advice I was trying to wrap my head around.


Thanks guys, I’ll just stick to my full body x3 per week then

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~3 hours?!! -yeah thats totally unnecessary. just run through programs off this site. If want 3 day start off with this…

If like that PPL like you posted then do the 4 or 5 day here…


That’s a lot. What was your T value on 125?