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Should I Keep Cutting or Start Bulking?


Hello everybody, I just joined this forum and this is my very first post and I hope to find the answers and I’m looking for. I used to very fat and after some good diet and good training at the gym I’m currently 20 years old, 5"10 and only 150 pounds with I think 14/15 % Bodyfat. I’m also posting two pictures of me I took last week. What do you guys think, should get down to 10% bodyfat or should I slowly start bulking, trying to minimize fat gains (eating 200/300 calories over the maintenance)?




Get alot stronger and get calories as high as you can without gaining too much fat. Use your waist measurement on an empty stomach as a metric since weight fluctuates so much.

I had a friend go from 5’10" at 130lbs to 167lbs over a few years. He looks 100% better and his strength more than doubled. His metabolism was super fast and he had to really eat to make that happen. You look somewhat like his before.

My $.02


First of all, congratulations on the fat loss.

I don’t think you should try and think in terms of cutting/bulking at this point. You are still in a place to make lots of ‘beginner’ progress. Make sure you are following a sound training program (almost any from this site will do), and eating good clean food.

Eat for recovery and be consistent.


Congrats on getting in shape!

What did you do to get this far? (program and diet)


clean bulk!