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Should I Increase Dosage?


I am currently taking 50 mg every 3 days of test cypionate. Just had labs done and my T is at 449 and estradiol is at 32.1. I am not taking any type of AI currently. Why is my T so low at this dosage, do I need to increase my dosage?




Testing LH/FSH on TRT: do not repeat again

You are taking 116mg T cyp per week E3D.

TT=449 is quite low.
Really need FT to know complete picture.

We have some guys who are hypermetabolizers of testosterone who need 300mg/week to get where others are at 100mg/week. So yes, you should double your dose if possible and test TT, FT and E2 in 4 weeks.

E2=32 is holding you back, you really do need anastrozole. Try 0.5mg at time of injections.

You appear to have 5 different treads, so I have no idea what has been presented or suggested before.


I started at 100mg weekly, you are starting at lowest dosage, you to average at least 500ng , or trt is null. Docs will hand out opiates like candy but trt is the crown jewel. Tell them you’re wife gives you shit were not getting enough dick, and have a tear trickle down maybe they will bump it up.