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Should I Ignore This Shoulder Pain?


Im new new to lifting (although I have been a runner all my life), I purchased a TRX in January and have been doing shoulder flies, rows, and pushups (all with neutral grip) every day just to get a little strength and help with injury prevention. I got a set of rock climbing rings that i can do neutral grip pull-ups with two months ago and have added pull-ups to my daily routine.

I recently have developed a dull pain in my right shoulder for the last couple weeks under the shoulder blade and being a good lurker I found an article on tnation about scapula vs rotator cuff. I am only doing four daily sets of 10 flies, 20 pushups, 20 rows, 6 pull-ups, is this a pain I should ignore since I've just added pull-ups or am I damaging something by doing more downward rotation vs upward rotation work? Any help/advice would be appreciated.


I wouldn't ignore pain (as opposed to soreness post exercise). Time off from what seems to cause it combined with some informed strengthening once soreness has gone away. My advice, for what its worth