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Should I Have Waited to Start My Bulk?


im on SS, and i have workout A on tuesday and ive been bulking since sat. do you think i shouldve started my bulk on the day i would be lifting (tues)


slow T-Nation is slow


Doesn't matter

Edit: But for the future you should always try to stuff you face a bit more on lifting days especially around your lifting time as there are benefits to doing so.


if you're trying to gain weight then there is no wrong time to eat. As long as you can eat it, and your body can process it, you're golden. Keep yourself full of calories.


jesus bodybuilding christ...


That's possibly the dumbest question I've seen on this site. Well done!


I'm not sure what's worse, that or the nine minute gap between posts. apparently OP thinks people have nothing better to do than answer posts.


dude... Do yourself a favor and start looking at this whole weight lifting thing in terms of years.

Progress takes consistency over time. Consistent quality diet, and consistent quality lifting, over the course of years.

Do yourself a favor and avoid getting bogged down in the minor details just yet. Try and find take away principles, apply them to yourself, and track what works for you and what doesn't.

Success doesn't find you, you have to find it. And you are better off building your foundation of success on large boulders (principles) than on pea stones (minor details like what day you "start a bulk" on).

Keep lifting as simple as possible, and over time, with actual progress you will add in complication and detail naturally, looking for more progress. Right now you are thinking about this the wrong way. You think 36 hours of eating is going to make any significant difference in the next 3-5 years. Trust me, any 3 days, by themselves, will mean fuck all, in 3 years.

You hear what I'm saying or no?


So you are asking if you did some minutiae thing wrong?

Missing the forest for the trees...


CB - I really appreciate the time and effort you and other seasoned lifters take to answer questions like these over and over again. but at some point I'm sure it gets tiresome...


ha, thanks man.

Is it tiresome? Sure, some days. Others I feel like I'm actually doing the world some good.

At times it is hard to try and pick out the people trolling from the people who are all wrapped up in insanity though.


^ This. Oh, so very much, this.

Myron, it's a serious non-issue. You're 6'0 and 175 pounds, so really, you need to be eating plenty of food every day of the week, training or not.

And to make sure you're getting there, I have a question for you. ... ... ... (drum roll provided by jskrabac) ... ... ...

Myron, what, exactly, did you eat yesterday?


This also has to be addressed and nipped in the bud.

Myron, in each of the three threads you've started here, you've "bumped" it less than 10 minutes after your first post.

Stop it.

You're asking for free advice, so you're entitled to nothing except the time and energy people choose to invest in addressing your situation. If you want a guaranteed prompt response, spend some money to hire a trainer. Otherwise, simmer down, be patient, and say thank you when you receive useful advice.


OP - It takes a good few weeks before I start seeing progress (muscle-wise) from a new exercise, same goes for diet.

You need to build up the gaining momentum (there's like a delay)...give it time.

Oh I forgot, 10 minutes is like hours to you :wink: