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Should I Have My Dosage Increased?


Hi guys, I am a 23 year old male who is currently doing testosterone replacement therapy. I started this last year because I had a testosterone level of between 200-300 and obviously this is very low for a 23 year old. I started on 100 mg once weekly and did this for a few months and got my labwork done. My T level had not gone up much at all.

My dose was increased to 200mg weekly and I just got my blood work done after another few months and it looks like my level is now at 540. I'm glad it has gone up but since I've been doing 200mg a week for awhile now, shouldn't it be a lot higher? Should I ask to have my dosage increased?


Wow…your body must absorb test… 200mg weekly should put most people over 1000. Anyway I would increase until I got numbers I liked or more importantly felt better because numbers don’t always mean everything. Increasing will mean adjusting Adex so its not just as easy as filling a syringe. BUT check with your Dr. first. Don’t leave him out.


Arimidex …anti estrogen … Anastrozole…


Only blood test will show. Your Doc and you should be monitoring estradiol levels as well and free test levels. It’s very possible that some of the test you are injecting to converting to estrogen (bad thing).


Your numbers are not nearly as important as how you feel. If you feel great why bother increasing the dose. If you still feel like shit I would imagine your estradiol is out of whack. 200mg/week is a very high TRT dose. Read the Estradiol sticky on the first page of this forum.


There is so much information to be found in the stickies on the front page of the forum. You really should read them as these questions are all answered in there. Your doctor sounds inexperienced when it comes to TRT. Any doctor that would prescribe 200 mg/week without testing E2 or prescribing an AI is pretty much incompetent. 200mg/week is double what most guy on here need to feel well. The recommended protocol is 100mg/week with 1mg/week of Arimidex in divided doses but everyone is different. How do you feel? Listen to your body as opposed to the lab numbers. Remember that more T is not always better. It takes a while to become educated in this area but read, read and then read some more. Good luck man.


And yes 50 is quite high. Most guys shoot for the low twenties.


I think most guys would agree that 2mg/week will likely be too high a dose. I would start at 1mg to 1.5mg/week in divided doses and then see where your levels are at. You definitely don’t want to crash your E2. Read about AI over responders to know the warning signs.


If your E2 was in check you would most likely be feeling pretty good at 540. Your elevated E2 will cancel out the benefits of your elevated T levels.


I can’t answer your last question but Adex got my E2 levels from almost 60 to 21 at 1.5mg/week in divided doses. E2 competes with T for receptors. Too much E2 and you will still have low T symptoms no matter how much total T is in your blood serum.

What’s your Free T? That’s more important than total T anyway.