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Should I Have a Target Weight?

Im currently struggling to understand what weight i need to be for someone who wants have good size muscles with a low BF%.

Im currently 177pounds, 5ft 8

I was going to begin cut and bulk cycles and judge the weight and size i want to be by the way i look in the mirror but then read you should eat as much as the weight you want to be e.g. if you want to be 165lb eat like a 165lb person.

Can anyone guide me on this please??? Would very much appreciate it!

Lift heavy

Eat lots

Get plenty of rest

Go to the Beginner forum and read the stickies also.

Depends on how fat you are at 5’8" and 177 pounds.

I’d bulk up to a solid 200, keeping the diet clean ofcourse.

Lift proper and you will be pleased. I’d def. click articles at the top of the page and read… read, read, eat, read, lift, eat, and read some more…

You should def. have a target weight to reach on bench presses, deadlifts and squats…

strive for 315…