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Should I Go Up a Weight Class?


Im currently 18 years old, 102 kg about 18-20% BF and 183 cm and my maxes are around 180 kg squat, 140 kg bench and a 230 kg deadlift. I want to compete raw in the 120 kg class, but I'm unsure of when to make the jump from 105 to 120. I don't care about getting fat, I just want to be strong. I want to deadlift 300 kg and bench 180 kg as a junior. I currently train high frequency sheiko style. Any opinions? Thanks.


I’d recomp to under 15% body fat and get some more strength gains at 105 before slowly working up to 125 and then cutting down to 120 for contests.

No reason to be over 15% BF unless you’re SHW imo.


Thats a pretty substantial jump in weight classes, it wouldnt just happen in a few months either. Well, not effectively. Youd need to take a good amount of time to build your strength up for that weight class.


I agree with amayakyrol that you may want to get your numbers up at 105 before you move up, perhaps just focus on training and just gain weight passively through muscle growth. And why not be lean? You’ll be more competitive at a lower weight class. Fat may help your leverages a bit but it won’t make you any stronger.

As far as the big jump between weight classes you can probably put on 10 kilos and still compete at 105 if you have a 24 hr. weigh in. Not that you necessarily need to cut but if your like me, personally I’m very competitive and like to cut down to a lower weight class.


I don’t think anyone over 15% bodyfat should be actively trying to bulk.