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Should I Go to Gym and Take a Protein Supplement?


Hey guys!
im Shiva…m new in bodybuilding.
Though my phsique was athletic as I am interested in sports…
I started workout at home 3 month back at home with a a set of barbell which weighs around 70kg n dumbles…i have gained 7kg without any suppliment

in 3months n my current weight is 69kg …yes the results are good …
but my friend told me that u should go to gym and rely on suppliments for serious gain …i work out 6days a week …
Should I go for gym and whey protein?


Gym is a good idea, supplements not at all essential. Eating well is much more important.

So is training intelligently.


What’s a “brah”??

Women bra for men?


Thanku brother ! @markko


Is it gud now?. Remember I asked for advie


yeah you want to shoot for about 180-200 grams of protein a day.

Ideally wholefoods like fresh grass fed beef is king but if in Europe? its probably cheaper to get some of that quota from whey powder.

Also as a beginner 6 days a week not necessary can get just as good if not better results on 3-4 days(but hit it really hard)…


I am from India bro
…and m ovo-vegitarian …i don’t prefer meat…
Should I go for 4days workout routine a week with heavy weights?