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Should I Get This Mole Removed?


Hey guys,
kind of a weird first post but i wanted some opinion on what to do. so heres the issue...
i have a mole on my face that isnt very big but ive been pretty self concious about it lately. Ive thought about getting it removed before but never went through with it because i figured it would be awkward with my friends/people i see on a regular basis after it was removed. Especially with pictures on facebook and stuff like that.

It isnt that big but it is there, and i have never had a problem with getting girls so im assuming that it isnt that big of an big issue.

Plus i was told that there will be scarring there. What do you guys think i should do? is it worth it? any girls opinions?


People are defintitely looking at it.

Don't be a fucking pussy. Ice it down and go at that bad boy with an X-acto knife.




Is this you?


lol. I removed an ingrown toe nail at age 16 like this due to lack of medical insurance. It was the most pain I've willingly put myself through and took a month of scalding hot water baths several times a day to keep clean (a friend's mom was a nurse and just about passed out when I told her I did this and then instructed me on the healing process). I wouldn't recommend it.

OP- I literally lolled when I read the title to this thread. I think you can figure this one out on your own. The internet vote shouldn't matter.




I noticed a woman in my work I talk to regularly had two strips of tape across her cheek last week. She's just had two of them removed apparently, but you know what - having spoken to her off and on for two years I never even noticed them. Unless your mole is the size of a thumbnail you might be suprised how little people notice it and if they do, well, De Niro certainly didn't suffer for his mole.

But I'd talk to a doc about it before taking the advice of internet mole experts =P


ya moles should be looked at by a dr anyway

i'm littered with them ... attractive, i know


There won't be much scarring if you properly take care of it after its removed.


OP if this is you than yes get it removed.


It depends, some people are prone to scarring much more than others. Skin color will play into this a lot, too.


<---------------is a doctor (not really.) And I think you should be punished for littering, I think you need a spanking. Yes you are attractive.


Agree. I'm speaking more from personal experience.


Ha.... I've done this and continue to do it, to this day.


I started doing my toe nails more frequently after that. Painting them helps you remember... I'm sure Grneyes wouldn't judge :wink:

Also, this may win for the greatest TMI convo of all time.


A) "i have a mole on my face that isnt very big"
B) "It isnt that big but it is there, and i have never had a problem with getting girls"
C) "im assuming it isnt that big of an issue"

Don't be self concious, if it doesn't cause you skin trouble AND the girls don't mind, just leave that sucker there. IMO


Enrique Eglasias had that shit removed and more people look at him than they do you. If it makes you self-conscious get rid of it.



Get that shit removed!


It wont scar of you have it removed properly-they burn them off then the skin just heals. I had gyno surgery and I understand how embarrassing just admitting to others having a little procedure can be. To this day the only person who actually knows is Bushidobadboy! I haven't even admitted it to any of my friends or family! I lost a little body fat at around the time so it looks like it just disappeared when I cut a bit of weight and gained a bot of muscle.

We live in a world where choices are available to us-It obviously bothers you so take advantage of the fact that you are fortunate enough to have the option available to you to rid yourself of this mole if you choose. Good luck to you if you can get pussy no problem but don't be afraid to get the fucker removed, go heavy with the vitamin E and it will heal in just a few weeks.


i made an appointment to get it removed. im going to have to wait a couple of months until the appointment. it might be a bit awkward when my friends ask or see me because it is noticable and one day its not going to be there. plus i have a bunch of pictures on facebook so thats another situation.

but thanks for the opinions. i figured that by asking peoples opinion online, i would get more honest answers.